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Screen Name: Poetical Angel Queen
Age: 53
Biography: Poetical Angel Queen Septâ??2014 832)874-2623 Mimi T. Davis AKA Poetical Angel Queen was born and raised in San Francisco Ca. She currently resides in Houston, TX area. She is a Mother and is awaiting a divorce from a 30 year failed marriage. Her interest in POETRY began when in Jr. High school she was introduced to creative writing classes. She went on to Phoenix University where she obtained a bachelorâ??s in business with creative writing courses She began to strongly dedicate herself and in 2012 she had her best year yet.. She published her book Purple Unicorn with books in July She won the World Poetry contest and her Poem My Addition was Published She wrote and recorded â??That man thereâ?? and â??Thunder and Musicâ?? with producer DJ Hugg She wrote â??Answer to Ladyâ?? performed and produced by DJ Hugg She co-wrote â??Why I love youâ?? with Skeet Da Yung Poet produced by DJ Hugg All recording were recorded in November 2012 Was a Co-Host of a womanâ??s internet radio talk show: The Phenomenal Woman on Started Poetâ??s for the power of the people poetry group in Julyâ??2013 devoted to helping the underclass poets using not only words but actions to help others the group has over 1200 members to date In December 2012 She was named poetâ??s poet in worldâ??s poetry contest and a entire page was devoted to her poetry Also in December 2012 Thunder and Music was placed on Reverb nation entering at 3rd in the Houston market. It is now in 1st place for the 2nd month in a row. She was also published in a Poetry Magazine called: HARBINGER ASYLUM In December 2012 for her poem â??LEARNINGâ?? and also again in their Anthology edition for February 2013 for her poem â??Flying Highâ?? She is a survivor of domestic abuse She is strong advocate for the cause She wrote a poem called â??the stormâ?? which was read on c-span in Octoberâ??2000. She also participated in a internet radio broadcast: SI-LENCE THE ABUSE AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE POETRY EVENT WITH ANGELS IN DISTRESS TRANSITIONING FROM DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN JANUARY 2013 MIMI IS ALSO AN ADVOCATE OF CIVIL LIBERTYS AND HAS HER NAME ENGRAVED IN STONE IN MONTGOMERY ALABAMA. IN RECOGNITION OF HER CONTRIBUTION TO THE ON GOING FIGHT AGAINST HATRED AND INTOLERANCE IN AMERICA. HER NAME WAS ADDED TO THE WALL OF TOLERANCE TO PROVIDE INSPRIRATION TO ALL. THIS HONOR WAS GIVEN BY FOUNDER MORRIS DEAS OF THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER She continues to evolve and work with poets and movements that unite people and plans to produce more spoken word tracks and poetry She is the State P.O.E.T representative for Blaq Ice, Since 2014 She developed and is a administrator of three poetry groups on Facebook., Since 2013 Co-host of Voices behind the pen radio show on P.O.E.T Radio, Since 2014 Host of FABULOUS FRIDAYS, on P.O.E.T Radio, since 2014

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