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Screen Name: Teri Leef
Age: 51
Overview: I am a survivor of many many challanges in life. Alcohol,drugs, incest survivor. Gambler. I was looking for love in all the wrong places.
Biography: I was a full blown alcoholic at the age of ten years old. I was fed alcohol starting at the age six. I was beaten for my behavior and attitude. I am a junior high school 8th grade drop out student. I am a survivor of the pharmaceutical companies. I was on 1,200 pills per month from 4 different doctors for 14 years of my pitiful life. I have had 12 operations including 3 back surgeries. I have had cancer, diabetes, neuropothy, a heart disease after my heart attack in 2007 . I take NOTHING from any doctor. I am no longer a victim of any situation fueled by FEAR. False Evidence Apearing Real. I am a child of the KING. I am an independant business owner, I am a publisher, I am a care taker, I am a missionary. I am a Christian that wants to know and do the will of God. I want to be about my Fathers business. I am an evangelist. I am bold for my Father. I am saved by grace. AMEN!

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