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Screen Name: Melody - TheSmBizGuru
Age: 46
Overview: "Get More Business" Simply amazing guests with insight in to tools and resouces to Get More Business.
Biography: Melody Campbell has been a small business owner for nearly 30 years. Most recenly (2007) having sold her promotional products company. Now as a Small Business and LifeSuccess Coach she works with independent business professionals. Melody has trained with Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Denis Waitly, Earl Nightengale, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor - on a variety of topics from personal and business to business sales, to coaching and most recently Internet marketing for the small business owner. Melody coaches small business owners to: Find the focus needed to develop organized plans and strategic action. Look at the big picture of activity and break it down to a trackable system. Provide prospective on situations to discover if the problem is a â??people problemâ?? or a â??procedure problemâ?? and identify a solution that either motivates the people or changes the procedure develop a consistant outcome. Identify and develop untapped opportunities to either bring in new business or to convert existing leads. Develop the art of delegation - how to let go of duties and enlist the talents of others to get more accomplished. Teaching the small business owner how to use systems that work all the time for everyone that uses the system, making delegation of duties more successful. Expand the awareness of the small business owner beyond that of skilled technician to that of a â??Business Strategist.â??

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