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Screen Name: Professor Omiyinka7 Zannu
Overview: Professor Omiyinka7 Zannu Hosting : Garth Lilly Institute For Exceptional Education A CONSUMER SCIENCE & EDU. FORM, H.E.R.O.
Biography: Hotep, Alafia, Greetings, Welcome to my Throne. In this form you can expected to be challenged, dazzled,entertained, but mostly informed. I am your host, the Voice Over Queen! Some know me, as Professor Omiyinka7 Zannu and others, just call me Omiyinka7 for short . I am also affectionately, known, as omi! I will be challenging each of you this year, over all of the spectrums of Family Science: Professional Development And Career Opportunities In The field of ; Home Economics & Technology

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The ,"One Woman's Show"
CDA and CCP Potential Candidates.
Home Economic Related Occupations/HERO
Omi's Language Buddy School, Medical Ter
Omi's Language Buddy School, Session II.
Omiyinka 7 Community Call
Taking A Look At Self Interest
Where Are The Medicine Men And Women?

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Entrepreneurship & Business Course
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