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Screen Name: The Jiggy Jaguar Show
Age: 25
Overview: Jiggy Jaguar comes to from the past years with being ranked at one point the #1 talk jock on the internet. We also have been syndicated and broadcasted on different sites. Check out my extended bio on
Biography: The Jiggy Jaguar's climb toward the top of the internet radio broadcasting landscape has been several years in the making. The first steps took place back in 1993 when The Jigg was attending McPherson Middle School{MMS}and began to foster a love for talk radio. The Jiggy was not known as the Jiggy Jaguar back then he was simply J.....?{You will have to read the book to find out, coming out soon}. Once The Jigg started doing underground radio programs onto a basic cassette recorder he moved into other relams of trying to simulate the big time jocks he heard on his local stations. He would make his shows up with talk and tunes from his own library of music. KSKU/KXKU/KGGGG Three years later The Jiggy Jaguar had been created along with his love of radio fostered along with a growing love of talk radio. The Jiggy Jag branched out to creating a several websites to go along with promotion of the radio program. These sites at first were to advertise his radio shows which he was selling locally and over the internet at a very huge rate of speed. Also the sites were to promote his growing fight promotion that was currently trying to recruit the local wrestling team to fight in the weekend events. Plus The Jiggy tried and failed on several attempts to gain a local TV version of the radio show. However also around this time, The Jigg was getting a very strange rep at the High school for his martial arts and local radio program along with the websites. The Jiggy was having a feud with the Asst. Principal who still to this day can not stand the site of "The King of Mental Illness". The Principal tried on several occassions tried and failed to get The Jiggy locked away in a mental ward known as "Praire View". Once the Jigg Daddy survived all of this mess, he continued the radio program toward a Mainstream shot. Finally the Jigg had his shot at the big time and a chance to take The Jiggy Jag show to another level. KHUT 102.9 in Hutchinson Kansas was going to give The Jiggy an opportunity to make it onto mainstream radio. Several factors came along and The Jiggy did not gain a shot into the Mainstream, however a shot into the U.S. Navy and a break from radio prepared The Jiggy for his biggest shot yet in Mainstream broadcasting and that is KSKU and The Lebette county 5. The Mainstream radio landscape had such stars as Mancow, Howard Stern, Jim Rome. So The Jiggy figured he would become the next star of Mainstream. KSKU found the Jiggy Jaguar become JJ, he also never got the shot he thought he deserved and busted his butt for. However The Jiggy's dreams were dashed once KSKU began to bring in talented jocks from all over Central Kansas including Steve Mills who moved The Jigg out the door with several tactics such as...{read the book}. Also along the way of Jiggy discovered a cover up by the Mainstream media known as The Lebette County 5, once The Jigg brought this to prominace, KSKU mgmnt terminated The Jiggy Jaguar for this also along with other factors drove Jigg from The Mainstream airwaves for now. The Jiggy Jag once again came back to the internet, now that the technology caught up with him. The Jag launched a series of websites and a new radio program, however something was missing? He found that in the fall of 2001 in the form of Lycos Talk radio. Soon Lycos shut down their radio unit due to money issues and people abusing the power they offered the home based broadcaster. Soon enough The Jig came to Fancast/Alternacast who welcomed The Jiggy Jaguar Show in with open arms however many competiors who were wishing they could be The next Jiggy Jaguar soon began to plot the end of the show. Soon enough The Jiggy was drove from the internet airwaves, he has once again to many dismay returned to air and he will reek havoc on all!

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