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Screen Name: Worry Free Living
Overview: When it comes to issues that affect business owners and the wallets of everyday Americans, the local and national media turn to Princess for advice and so should you!
Biography: Princess Clark-Wendel is a successful business woman, author, speaker, media personality, and national breaking news commentator who is focused on the concept of worry-free living in business and personal finances. Princess is monthly columnist on, and was recently named one of Chicago�s Most Influential Women. She is also an international business woman, consultant and advisor to people, families, and business owners across the globe. Since 1989, she has successful owned, operated and sold two firms and has held management roles in two Fortune 100 companies. She has a MBA from the University of Chicago, and is the author of two books: Your Business, Your Retirement and A Pocketbook of Hope in Tough Economic Times. Her next book, Building Wealthy Kids is scheduled to be released this year. As an African-American woman, Princess is an expert in helping individuals; women, and business owners, embrace personal finance and business concepts. Most recently, Princess has been recognized in the media as a �National Family Finance Expert�, and is helping people throughout the world with strategies for personal finance, starting or growing a small business, college planning, and retirement savings which are easy to implement. Her goal is to provide information to her clients and listeners that will help them create the lives they dream about�worry free.

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