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Screen Name: High Notes to Success.
Age: 54
Overview: I am the author of Bettering Your Best: Using Your Strengths to Springboard Success. It's my take on how to improve on your life's journey and have a better career, a better handle on your goals and dreams.
Biography: Born in Isle of Wight, Va Kevin Lankford was raised in a rural town during the time of strict segregation. When the schools integrated in 1970 Lankford had taken enough credits in the "colored" school to graduate one year early in the "white" school. (a type of junior-senior) Upon graduation, he joined the U.S.Navy to become a trumpet player in the band and was denied a position. To make a long story short, Lankford's love for music continues to this day where he is a trumpet player. lead singer and emcee of one of the best cover bands in the Washington D.C. area, know as Nightlife. It is this passion and determination that has led him to author one and co-author another book on the topic of self improvement. "I use "high notes" to describe the way you reach your dreams. Life is like a song..and it's the high notes that separate the good from the great." Check it out when you get a chance at

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High Notes to Success
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High Notes to Success
RAM Radio podcast!
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