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Screen Name: Inner Child
Overview: The Segment of Inner Child's Expression is aimed at the consciousness and empowering of our Divine Inner Child
Biography: Bill'��s writing career spans a period quickly approaching 50 years. Being first Published in 1972, Bill has since went on to Author 19 additional Volumes of Poetry, Short Stories, etc., expressing his thoughts on matters of the Heart, Spirit, Consciousness and Humanity. His primary focus is that of Love, Peace and Understanding! Bill is not only a Writer and Poet, he is also the Director of Inner Child Press Publishing Company, a Public Speaker, Empowerment Work Shop Leader, Consultant, Activist, Radio Personality, Broadcast Media Producer, Spoken Word and Recording Artist and so much more. Bill is the Founding Director of Inner Child Enterprises as well as the Past Director of Publicity for Society Hill Music. Bill has a Global Reading Audience and Fan Base. He is known for his Humanitarian Work and Activism in many communities in and outside of writing Bill says . . . I have always likened Life to that of a Garden. So, for me, Life is simply about the Seeds we Sow and Nourish. All things we �Think and Do�, will �Be� Cause and eventually manifest itself to being an �Effect� within our own personal �Existences� and �Experiences� . . . whether it be Fruit, Flowers, Weeds or Barren Landscapes! Bill highly regards the Fruits of his Labor and wishes that everyone would thus go on to plant �Lovely� Seeds on �Good Ground� in their own Gardens of Life! to connect with Bill, he is all things Inner Child |: Personal Web Site

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