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Screen Name: Judy Seeger
Overview: Dr. Judy Seeger is a naturopathic doctor (ND) and highly trained health care professional. She now works exclusively as a health consultant, speaker, and author.
Biography: Hi, I'm Judy Seeger and I'm a Natural Cancer Cure Researcher and traditional naturopath. I'm the creator and author of "Natural Cancer Cures With Foods That Heal" plus the organizer for Cancer Cleanse Camp. Judy Seeger's passion is to energize people with health! Having seen 1000's of people in her clinic suffer from colds and headaches, to cancer and colitis she has developed a powerful health system that effectively regains health. Judy has been teaching groups of health seeking people throughout the United States since 1990. With her 30 years of experience in the natural health field, she has been highly successful in bringing people to a level of wellness they have never experienced before. As director of a Holistic Health Clinic, called River of Life Health Center, Judy achieved a high level of success with her patients. Many people with thyroid, lung, skin, and brain cancer greatly improved by using her health plan system. She provided every form of safe, and clinically proven natural healing therapy including writing an easy to use handbook for her patients to reach their health goals. From herbal medicine classes to cancer to menopause, Judy's vast experience in the natural health field has changed countless lives.

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