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Screen Name: Poor Souls Radio
Overview: "Poor Souls Radio" highlights all forms of the Arts, communication, entertainment, ethnic diversity, cultural differences and current events to uplift our 'poor souls', enlighten our minds and raise our levels of consciousness.
Biography: Poor Souls Society is a member-driven group that brings together artists, art appreciators, art supporters and others who want to interact with the Arts and artists in St. Louis in fresh, innovative ways. We seek to use the Arts in all forms to uplift our poor, enlighten our minds and raise our collective and individual consciousness. Though many of us find ourselves sometimes emotionally, spiritually or financially impoverished, the mission of Poor Souls Society is to make interaction with the Arts and artists an affordable, accessible part of everyday life in St. Louis for people of all means and walks of life. As Poor Souls Society seeks to provide meaningful and creative ways for artists to support their work; we also hope to invigorate our community by bringing artists together with audiences to foster encouragement, collaboration, constructive criticism and the creation of a vibrant, lively St. Louis art scene! We believe that people of all means can participate in creating this active, vibrant art scene that will come alive in our community. We believe there are innovative ways that the entire St. Louis community can support the Arts and artists that includes helping artists market themselves and their work more effectively. That way they can better build audiences, supporters and work toward making their art a productive business as well as a passion. We offer opportunities for the people of St. Louis to connect with artists, art events and innovative ways to support the Arts. We believe we can help preserve our culture and the St. Louis artist community by offering new ways of thinking about supporting art and artists, as well as opportunities to grow audiences.

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