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Screen Name: John & Keiko
Age: 55
Overview: My Wife, 2 Kids and Extend Family & Friends are at the center of my Universe. They call me Appa. Loving Them, Others and the Natural World around me is a measure of my ability to love God.
Biography: I earn my way as an architect. But I am infinitely more impressed by a greater design that connects all things together around me. I enjoy exploring that design: with binoculars under the starry starry sky; walking through woods, parks and fields with my camera; canoeing, sailing and fishing on the Minnesota lakes; playing melodies with meaningful verse on guitar and piano; extending my seeing through graphics & photos; drawing and constructing computer models of homes & other stuctures; and then watching them assemble in full scale; researching and tooling all of these things on the computer and net; and connecting it with You, my partner in generating the power of Love, making our lives vibrate in harmony. This tech stuff is great. Web2 means equality in media, personal expression and communication like never before. We should now be able to get to the real Truth without manipulation. Everyone can become completely involved without limit. I am pumped!

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