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Screen Name: Tim the Heart Lawson
Age: 47
Overview: I aim to fulfill a wonderful dream - I would like to fulfill The Rev Dr. Martin Luther Kings dream. I also intend to be the next President Of The Greatest Country On Earth And Tell The Greatest Truth There Is.
Biography: I was born in 1960 in Virginia. In 1964 I was, along with my five siblings, taken away from our parents where we where mentally and physically abuse for two years; the day was Christmas Eve. That kinda of thing has become the norm in America. But it does not have to be. I lost my son to cancer because there was not enought money for research. The wolves in the governments were getting it. LOL - I WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT!!!

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Politicians and the Lies They Tell
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Older Estates Made to Be Preserved.
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Jonathan Carl Lawson All Gods Babies!!!!
The Invitation!!!!

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Politicians and the Lies They Tell
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