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Screen Name: Juanita Betts
Overview: I am a poet, writer, author, of Desire My Dream Poetry and My Mama Said. Founder of Desire My Dream Productions.
Biography: I have been writing poetry since I was a teen; considering I was shy I realized I expressed myself better with pen and paper. So I used my pen to say what my heart felt but was still in that box for years until my daughter told me to get my poems from the bottom of the closet and share them to the world because I had a gift. Out of the Mouths of Babes Children sometimes speak, in their simplicity, more wisely than their elders. I have written a book of some strong incidents in my life in poems, because poetry is from your soul. I wrote a Childrens book in a short stories format. The demand is high for me to write more than poetry so I have to give the people what they want. I am a motivational speaker; I spoke at a Woman's history dinner March 19th 2008 which was a success in New York, NY at The Kaplan House which is a non profit organization for young men 17ys to 21 yrs. My agenda is broad, not limited to just writing, it all connects together. My Education, I graduated at Kaplan University online with an Associates Business Administration/Management. Recently, accepted at Penn State University to continue with my Bachelors Degree in Business.

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