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Screen Name: Wanderingsalsero
Age: 63
Overview: My passion is salsa dancing but I'm presently enjoying work in S.Korea as an ESL teacher. The salsa scene in S.Korea is good and the ESL opportunity is good money and lots of fun.
Biography: Art became interested in music in early school years and majored in Music Education in college. After 4 years service in Vietnam, Art earned a Masters Degree in International Business Management and subsequently worked in sales of one kind or the other within the advertising, personal development, and sales training business before settling in Houston, Texas in 1980. Art had a home based mobile windshield repair business for about 20+ years but in 2000 got hooked on two things...salsa dancing and internet marketing. Since then Art has become a prolific blogger, a pretty good salsa dancer and teacher, and seriously interested in learning about internet marketing. He is a Validated Veretrainer with Veretekk, Inc., the worlds' foremost online learning system and marketing tools suite for SEO and SEM and enjoys learning about, using and teaching about new forms of communication and educational technology like VoIP Art has been in Korea, teaching, dancing and working on the internet since June 07. He's naturally curious about everything and is often accused of being an undercover talk show host but in actuality Art is just naturally curious and does this podcast just for fun. This show will be co-hosted by Art's other ESL friends and associates as well as local personalities in the Korean salsa community.

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