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Screen Name: radio pet vet
Age: 53
Overview: Dr. Randy is a practicing veterinarian and combines western and eastern ideas to attain animal wellness and solve your pet's problems.
Biography: Think you got it ruff? Dr. Randy has spent a lifetime down in the kennels getting to know pets and pet parents-like you and me-up close and personal.From that experience Randy tells true stories of true animal magic, sharing practical insights with wisdom and humor. It?s furry logic. You?ll learn techniques for leading a less stressful, more rewarding life. You?ll learn how to make the best of each day as it comes. You?ll appreciate the allure of a really great fire hydrant.Dr. Randy has owned a successful hospital helping and healing animals for over 25 years. He?s been bitten, scratched, barked at and slobbered on. Sometimes by the animals. Blending eastern and western philosophies and procedures, Dr. Randy uses complementary therapies and has completed courses in animal acupuncture, herbal medicine, traditional chinese medicine, rehablitation medicine and chiropractic care.Dr. Randy founded Speaking of Healing Animals in 2004 to spread positive healing messages and encourage startegies for health and well being. He?s a columnist and host of the call-in radio show ?The Radio Pet Vet?. When Randy talks, audiences sit up and take notice.Sometimes they wag their tails, too.They never play dead.. He's had all his shots.

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