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User Name: Shana
Age: 37
Overview: I have 'been there, done that'. Hormonal imbalance is a terrible thing, and it can stop anyone dead in their tracks. Thank goodness there is HELP!
Biography: In 2002, I felt like my health was beginning to deteriorate. It all started with kidney stones. The next year, I had an ovarian cyst (that grew to the size of a cantaloupe before doctors figured out what was causing my pain). I lost one ovary with the surgery, and was told it wouldn't affect my hormones at all. Then I began to have panic attacks, my blood pressure was up, my cholesterol was up, my feet and ankles were always swollen, I was gaining weight. My monthly had been getting consistently worse - heavier bleeding, clotting, debilitating cramps and mood swings. I had never considered my health poor in the past, but all of a sudden I felt like I was a mess! Then came the night sweats. How annoying!!! I would wake up in the middle of the night soaking wet, and freezing to death. Add to it afternoon fatigue (my friends knew that I had to have my afternoon nap). I was forgetful, and could never remember what I had promised to do. It started to hurt my business! I joined an online support group that talked about Estrogen Dominance - something I had NEVER heard of before. That's where I learned that the average age that a women enters premenopause is... 35!!! What??? I had entered premenopause and had not known it. No wonder I was feeling so icky!!! I made an appointment with my doctor to talk about it. You know what she told me? That I was TOO YOUNG to be worrying about that yet!! Her answer was to treat the symptoms and she gave me drugs - four lifetime drugs, with an extra one thrown in for the panic attacks. I have since spent time researching, reading, and learning all I can about estrogen, progesterone, and women's changing hormones. I have also learned about the 1000's of environmental estrogens and toxins in our world. I was stunned to discover that the shampoo, soap, lotions, cleaners, etc. I was using could be part of the reason I was entering premenopause so early! Now I am on a mission. I feel as if I must help spread the word and help rescue other women from the clutches of the drug industry. There ARE natural alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy. We don't HAVE to suffer like this! I have started doing my own research and following the teachings of Dr. John Lee, the doctor who pioneered the field of estrogen dominance. Every woman DESERVES to know what is going on with her body and her changing hormones. Our doctors receive around 24 hours of training about menopause in med school. They simply don't have a clue! I now run a support group of my own, and hope that I can help other women all over the world by providing information to help them make informed decisions about their health.

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