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Overview: *A PRINCESS CUT DIAMOND* is a bible based forum geared to cultivate the natural and spiritual attributes of a WOMAN. We discuss various topics that deals with the health and fitness of the natural and spirit Woman.
Biography: WE'RE MORE THAN RHINESTONES WE'RE PRINCESS CUT DIAMONDS IN OUR FATHER'S CROWN!!!! Hello, and God Bless you viewers! I am a 31yr old God fearing African American female. I have three sisters, one brother, a host of nieces and nephews,and a wonderful fiance'. I enjoy reading ,listening too and writing poetry; sports, singing and writing music, bowling, participating in ministry outreach, skating, fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ, and well the list goes on,lol! I did not create this page for the purpose of dating or anything else along those means, I am truly here to fellowship and allow God to use me as a vessel of encouragement to others all across the nation. I grew up majority of my life in Lithonia Ga,. My mother passed away when I was 19 and my father when I was 9. I grew up in a saved home, I was baptized @ age 7 and led my first solo @ age 6[ I still remember the name "A message to Jesus"]. I have always loved the Lord and held Him close in my heart however with that Love I haven't always choose Him first. You see all my life I've been told I was called to the ministry not only through prophetic word but signs and vision God himself gave me. Mother told me I was born with a veil over my face and there was what appeared to be a glow around me. She said the nurse told her I was one of the chosen, she then said it was because of that my life would be different but favor will always be present. She said you may not understand your gift or why things seem sooo hard but understand it's because of who you are, and she was right I didn't. I mean, I couldn't understand why I could dream of things that happen when my mother was a child, I couldn't understand why I could walk into a house and feel uncomfortable or see things others couldn't see, why could I look at someone and see their pain, why did my daughter die, why was I sick all the time, why was I the last one to see my mother alive and the first to find her dead, why am I so forgiving to those who repeatedly hurt me, why was I constantly talked about, lied on, verbally and physically abused, and then God spoke. I ran and ran from the calling until I could run no more. I remember thinking Lord I can't do this I'm not worthy of this Job. From age 18 to November of this year I have had 7 surgeries on my abdomen and with every surgery they always said "somebody was praying for you", " it's a miracle you pulled through". In January 2008 I walked into ministry. Oooo I was sold out, [or at least I thought] I mean I was on the praise team, the street team, in the choir, I did my trial sermon on Good Friday of that same year, you ask I'm there and it was done with such joy and dedication but was I really sold out, NO, HOW COULD I BE SOLD OUT AND NOT SURRENDER MY ALL TO HIM ? I trusted Him in areas I was experienced in him pulling me through but the new things wasn't so easy!After a few more testimonies I am proud to say as of January 2010 I am now ready Lord, here I am have your way! I know host the radio ministry for women A Princess CUT Diamond, I have completed my first book, AND I am still surrendered to GOD! I would love to tell you more but you have to wait on the book! LOVE YOU ALL GOD BLESS!

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