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Screen Name: Kay Aubrey-Chimene
Age: 47
Overview: I am a Bio-Nutritional Therapist specializing in alternative approaches toward animal health and well being. I work with people and their animals to recover optimal health!
Biography: BioNutritional Consultant, Lecturer, Clinician, Author, Freelance writer, horsewoman, alternative therapist. Kay Aubrey-Chimene is the owner of Grand Adventures Ranch - Equine Cancer Recovery Center and is a Bio-Nutritional Consultant with over 15 years of international experience in animal health and nutrition. She has helped many individuals and animals enjoy healthy lives through her straight-forward holistic approach. Kay has her BS in Animal Health Sciences from the University of Arizona and completed graduate studies in Nutrition, Biochemistry and Evolutionary Behavior. She is a Reiki Master / Teacher and holds certificates in Bi0-Energy Analysis, Kinesiology, Equine and Canine Massage Therapy, E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique), Acupressure and Experiential Training techniques. Kay is a founding member of the Equine Iridology Foundation. Kay has published multiple books and articles about animal health and wellness to her credit. She leads classes in a variety subjects and modalities designed to assist the average person take more control of their animal's health and well-being. As a national spokeswoman and educator for Amazon Herb Company and Dynamite Nutritional Products, Kay Aubrey-Chimene is a leader in nutrition and whole health practices. Her passion for people and animals great and small is evident in her ever-present persistence in creating a more healthful environment and nutritionally conscience society.

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