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Screen Name: Wicked Enchantment
Biography: Hi! My name is Tricia and I am an addict. Book addict that is. No, really. I buy them because the covers move me; I buy them because the story sounds intriguing; I buy them because I know the authors previous works; I buy them because they are half price!� I am addicted to books. I wasn�t much of a reader when I was younger, I really wish I had been (that probably would have kept me out of a world of trouble! lol). I started reading historical romance in my late teens and early twenties. My favorite HR author being Cassie Edward (omg I still love her!). I turned into a huge computer nerd around that time and stopped reading completely. /gasp! Yes I know, how could I? Well I got back to reading about a year and a half go, and I am now a huge fan of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. So much so that I really don�t like Historical Romance anymore. I think I would still pick up a book or two if it sounded REALLY good though. I really enjoy writing reviews and reading books and reading blogs about books (not necessarily in that order!) and of course, attempting to be a comedian (which of course hasn�t quite panned out yet lol). Genres: Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance

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