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User Name: adamvoisin
Overview: Hello everyone, there has been another major change for us here on Talkshoe. We are now broadcasting on flexible hours. we have a new talk shoe ID which is 99028.
Biography: I have a lot of experience in online radio broadcasting. I have used blog talk radio before coming to talkshoe. I am going to enjoy it here on talkshoe however there are some restrictions that I want people to understand. First of all, you must have a user name in order to access my show. I did block guest participation. You must have a user name in order to access my show, and you must have respect in order to access my show. Any foul language or disrespectful content will not be tolerated on the sports network. You will be asked to leave if you show any disrespectful content or foul language. In other words, you could be blocked from the chat room.

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