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User Name: OpenWhiteMan
Biography: QUESTION: Why didn't Louie Bee mention the recent revelation about his friend and guest on his show, Lenny Bruce (Evstratios Moraites)? ANSWER: He couldn't out a fellow AGENT. People, add 1 + 1 and see it = 2. Louie Bee won't name the Jew, attacks We Are Change, has the ability to hack into radio station's phone lines to hijack shows using CIA + NSA + MI6 + MOSSAD technology, and spreads New Age, look at his logo and see it's Kabbalah. Luis Bonilla "Louie Bee" of Brooklyn works for the JEW! Michael Hutchinson (the PedoTruther's best buddy) just did a show where he distanced himself from the PedoTruther.

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