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Screen Name: Dr. Jae
Overview: Dr. Judith Ann knew that a major key was missing in a new believer. Gods people needed to learn how to understand what it means to apply the word of God to their ministry, prayer, and every day life.
Biography: Dr. Judith Ann is a gifted entrepreneur, a dynamic leader and community servant, educator, author, teacher, talk show host, workshop and seminar facilitator, life coach, consultant, public speaker, Chaplain, praise and worship leader, and a psalmist. She utilizes biblical principles to orchestrate the many divine disciplines necessary to ensure both personal and professional growth and development in every facet of life and is sensitive to our global society, with a multi-cultural and multi-diversified client base. Her Mission Statement: Reaching Out To All To Prepare The Chosen Her Favorite Quote: Cannot Conquer What You Will Not Confront You Cannot Confront What You Will Not For International Bookings and for more information Call 754-245-4093

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