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Screen Name: Jean Ann Duckworth
Overview: Jean Ann offers a variety of programs to help women in their personal & professional lives.
Biography: Jean Ann is Executive Director of Simple Joy Ministries for Women. Simple Joy helps women define & develop their life vocation. Simple Joy provides a variety of programs, presentations, publications, products & more to help women simplify their lives so they may focus more fully on achieving their goals.

Calls this person hosts.
Professional Author Development
W Cubed Bible Study
The Diva Life Bible Study
Accessorize Your Life
A Life of Simple Joy
The D*I*V*A Life 4 Sales Consultants
Tips & Tools 4 Sales Consultants
The D*I*V*A Life 4 Authors
Living The D*I*V*A Life
Warrior Diva Briefing
The Diva Life
The Simple Joy of the Holidays
Sisters of Simple Joy Chat
Saturday Sisters

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The Diva Life Bible Study