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Screen Name: michaelwmoss
Age: 35
Overview: Veteran Podcaster, Stormchaser, Internet Weather Radio Show Host. Father of 3 kids, married for 11 years
Biography: Born: Michael Wade Moss, May 19, 1975, Methodist Hospital In Indianapolis, Indiana. Lived in Indy for Six Years Moved To Morgantown, Indiana in 1981. Lived there for 16 years. Move To New Whiteland, Indiana in November of 1997. Been there ever since! The birth of the Internet, changed my life forever. That and also meeting my lovely wife of 11 years and now 3 awesome children!! There are many aspects of my life that are interesting to some and make some people just shake their head. For one, I am a storm chaser. This is my 9th season. With zero tornadoes to my credit, I have had tons of success with lightning strikes (CLOSE) And Hail (Up to 2inches in Diameter Before. That's Slightly larger than Golfball Sized) And Straight Line Winds of up to 80 mph before. I have chased in Indiana,Ohio,Illinois,And Missouri. Amusement Parks are great fun and very interesting to follow. I have been to dozens of them and have over 135 different roller coasters to my credit. What amazes me is how the technology as changed over the years to make these great rides and other forms as well (Flat Rides, Water Rides, Water Parks In General, and of course kiddie rides) As my kids continue to grow up, I look for them to experience bigger and more thrilling rides (They have Storm Chased with me before too, except the youngest) Podcasting, Podcasting, Podcasting. Adam Curry, you RULE!! While I do the Podsafe Music Hour bringing many great artists to the forefront and getting commentary from them, I look to take the show to the next level of listership along with the other podcasts that I assist with. They range from Religious Programming, To Weather, To Science. It's great fun and I am so very excited to see the possiblities with Podshow . First and foremost, I give thanks for my life and everything about it to my Lord

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