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Screen Name: STUDIO [darwin]
Overview: STUDIO [darwin] creates & manages everything associated with bringing a message to the world through Web 2.0 Internet technologies.
Biography: Transforming the Internet Persona At STUDIO [darwin] we create and manage everything associated with bringing a message to the world through Web 2.0 Internet technologies. We give our clients a voice to reach their audience. Starting with an Internet Talk Show, we transform you into a host of a call in show that takes your message and delivers it to both a live audience and millions of podcast subscribers. And while you may not be a broadcast entertainer today, we make the process of bringing you and your show to market a turn key solution. We are experts in creating, producing and promoting talk shows through Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 techniques. You'll go from concept to an Internet Persona with a supportive website, blog, microblog and registered iTunes podcast. THE INTERNET PERSONA Traditional marketing is currently experiencing a shift of social networking where communicating with your target market is accomplished via small networks of connected individuals. In this new paradigm there is a trusted source and an audience connected to that source. At STUDIO [darwin] we introduce the host as that trusted source by building an audience around the content of interest to the audience. We call this an Internet Persona. persona |pÉ?rË?sÅ?nÉ?| The aspect of someone's character that is presented to or perceived by others : her public persona. A role or character adopted by an author or an actor. We consider "the show" to be the talk show and any media presence which draws an audience to the host. At STUDIO [darwin] we assemble production teams for each show and manage those teams on the talent's behalf to create the Internet Persona for the host, draw an audience to the host and manage the ongoing business that sustains the show. Corporate Marketing If you're marketing focus includes developing an audience with sustainable customer relationships then STUDIO [darwin] can help you build an Internet Talkshow that will reach potential customers, foster a social network with your customers and establish a platform from which you can launch and promote your products and services. To find out more please contact STUDIO [darwin].

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