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Screen Name: JenniferHHadley
Age: 50
Overview: Reverend Jennifer Hadley is an active student and teacher of A Course In Miracles and Gary Renard's wonderful book Disappearance of the Universe. Reverend Jennifer Hadley teaches forgiveness in workshops and tele classes.
Biography: Reverend Jennifer Hadley is a fully licensed Spiritual Therapist and Minister. Her license and training is from the Agape International Spiritual Center � a powerful transdenominational spiritual community founded by Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith, well known for his appearances in THE SECRET and on OPRAH. Jennifer graduated as a Minister in 2006 from the Agape Int�l Spiritual Center. She has been a student of Michael Beckwith�s since 1994. Jennifer completed her Ministerial Training at Agape in 2006. Reverend Jennifer Hadley has been in private practice as a Religious Science � Science of Mind Practitioner and Spiritual Therapist and intuitive counselor since 2000. She is available for intuitive spiritual counseling by appointment in person or on the phone. In her classes, Reverend Jennifer Hadley uses principles from A Science of Mind, Religious Science, A Course In Miracles and Gary Renard�s Disappearance of the Universe. In her classes Reverend Jennifer Hadley actively employs the Life Visioning technique taught to her by Michael Beckwith from Agape. She has been a participant at Agape since March of 1994 and feels blessed to call Agape her Spiritual home. For more on Jennifer Hadley please check out, sign up for the A Course In Miracles Podcast, Amazon Herb Podcast or many of the other features available at

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