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Screen Name: Hatton
Overview: What's a Renaissance Geek? Since the dictionary defines a Renaissance Man as "a person who has wide interests and is expert in several areas" and most of the areas that I'm good at are geek-related, that'd be a Renaissance Geek!
Biography: * I am a web application developer with several large scale applications under my belt. * I have taught networking, programming and electronics classes at ITT Technical Institute. * I no longer have to tell my mother how to click on an icon, my 10 year old daughter does that for me * I'm an Extra Class Ham Radio operator and work to help others earn and upgrade their license by moderating a Yahoo group at * I'm a Conservative * I have successfully navigated the maze of corporate account services for phone and cable to get a business wired and wireless, which is much more difficult than the providers wanted to admit. * I'm a layspeaker at my church and will deliver sermons (that's another way to say preach) at my church every now and then. * I sing baritone/bass * I'm a tuba player! * I know that to communicate properly with intelligent individuals you must be able to form coherent, cohesive sentences. This is especially helpful when communicating with people that you want to get money from. * My home network is more powerful than my office network

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