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Screen Name: Watcherof 13
Overview: One of the most spiritual minds to come along in decades... An out of the box thinker. If you love provocitive reads that cause you to reflect, then there is none like Tyrone Mobley aka The Watcher13.
Biography: Tyrone Mobley Brooklyn Hip Hop Legend, Master Mason, Music Producer, artist, writer, published Author of �VICTIMS OF THE GAME (THE MANIPULATION), Poet. Tyrone Mobley is one of the deepest spiritual poets to hit the scene in decades. His writes cause the reader to peer deep into the self and explore concepts and spiritual ideas few ever contemplate. Also one of the hottest Battle Rappers to ever grace the mic, Watcher13 shows his humorous side, as he weaves pop culture, science, mythology, religion, spiritualism into his battle raps.� Some of his most explosive works can be found in the form of writing. Come, be dazzled, entertained, and placed in awe of the one they call Prophet.�Enjoy the Cosmic journey!

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