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Screen Name: SonicNovaRV
Age: 55
Overview: Certified Remote Viewer -Online Psychic Relationship Expert Soul Infusion Connections, Spiritual Guidance, Intuitive Healing, Trans-Channel.
Biography: Sonic was the Director and Producer of Beyond The Living OBE Internet radio show. Sonic Nova has lived through 2 near death experiences, where she actually died and resuscitated herself back with the living; during these two life-changing NDE events, she met benevolent celestial beings both times. In that higher, afterlife realm while she was physically dead, what she calls The Avatar Group Consciousness let her know that once she returned back into her body alive, there would come a time in her future where she would become their messenger or their communication vehicle by her relinquishing her body to them for the time they choose to come here to to our dimension to deliver their messages. She temporarily becomes the vessel for them to be here in physical form via her temple, in order to deliver their message and heal people who are ready to be healed and become coherent with the higher frequencies. If you would like to book an Interactive Radio event or media interview event on Surfing the Cosmic Waves Radio, show please contact Sonic Nova by email, at, and she will schedule you on one of her upcoming shows.

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