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Screen Name: SideStandUp Radio Show
Overview: Leaving the wing of ESPN radio for a full two hours of internet broadcast on Tuesday nights from 7-9 pm EST
Biography: Tom's bio: i started riding motorcyles the summer of 1970. actually it was a benelli mini bike that my brother and i bought together. with a red and chrome tank accented gold pin striping. propelled by a 20 horse motor with 4 speed gear box. looking back i figured it was designed for about 1500 miles of smooth road before it broke down, we were able to get maybe 500 out of it by continually with a throng of new friends (we had the basketball per say) riding it around a bumpy dirt track a couple hundred yards long before it kinda kept breaking, boys will be boys. none the less 500 miles was bookoo laps around that little track. as i rode around that little bumpy track in my mind i was riding across the country. i would visilize riding past things i saw in geography books (lots of pictures in a geogrphy book). i was hooked from there, my first street machine was a 72 honda 350 scrambler in which i rode along with my fellow neighborhood kids eeeerrr gang members "the cedar crest cycle slobs". we were a motley crew riding various makes usually less the 500 c.c.'s. later it was on to harleys over the years i have owned several bikes . rode a 76 sporter while i was in the navy. that was the first bike that i made long rides on, back and forth between kokomo, Indiana and Norfolk Virginia three times. fell in love with bmwz bout that time. bought my first new one from Moody's Cycle Sales, Kokomo Indiana in the spring of 78. they built 200 r100rs's that were red white and blue. rode it to rutland vermont for the national moa ralley that year for my honeymoon, my son's mom was 7 months pregger so i was forced to go it alone. at the ralley it seemed either that everybody who bought one was there or there were more than 200 built. anyway i was gone 10 daze rode just over 3800 miles and was hooked on being out on the back roads of america. over the years i have rode mostly on the east coast with the exception of a quick trip to norman oklahoma, a result of a bet over happy hour beers that i could leave right there and send a wire from norman within 12 hours little over 650 miles. sucked had to sober up riding in rain, took me 13 hours and 20 minutes to lose 500 bux. proud to say that not long after that i quit gambling. april 28th 2006 i rode out of orlando florida for the odessy of a lifetime aboard a new 2005 bmw r1200rt (the asphalt angel). 178 daze and 42,656 miles later i returned. during that time i experienced the rural life of 40 states including northwest canada, riding the alcan to alsaka, then on to deadhorse / prudhoe bay as far north as you can get by road in the u.s. funny being from florida for the last 34 years, didn't take long to noticed nobody was driving on the beach or wearing clothes they surely wouldn't wear at home on the coast of the artic ocean.

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