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Screen Name: It's Jerry
Overview: web guy for the Worlds Only MotorCycle Radio Road Show ****** TalkCast time 7-9pm EST
Biography: Jerry's bio: I've been riding some type of motorized vehicle since I was very young. Mini bikes back then had two tires, handle bars, some sort of seat and a pull start Briggs and Stratton 3hp engine. Since then I can just about remember the # of steel ponies I have owned. In 1983 I purchased a 1978 BMW R80/7. After owning four cylinder liter plus bikes this was a huge difference. I was so excited when I pulled up in the driveway, my bride being a rider herself almost tossed me off so she could get a turn. I'll never forget Michele's comment when she pulled up after her test drive, "I don't think this thing is firing on both cylinders" . If you have ever ridden an AirHead with the carbs out of synch you would understand her concern. She was concerned I had just purchased another one of those project bikes. I was bad about getting a deal that cost an arm to make right. The bike had a copy of the MOA magazine in the saddlebag and I read though it and notice a Rally page. It just so happened that the sunenshien (sp?) rally in Orlando was coming up the next month. When I made the trip (20 miles) to the rally I was lucky enough to run across a group that called themselves the SpaceCoast BMW Riders. I sat and listened to these guys and girls (thanks John, Ed, Deb and the rest) talk of riding and camping all over the country. I'd never ridden out of Fl. These stories were some of the most exciting trips I'd heard of, riding and camping on a motorcycle, wow you can do that. Camping gear packed on a motorcycle and heading off in to the sunset looking for a rally half way across the country. One of the Spacecoasters was an amazing man, Ed Culberson. If you ever get the opportunity to read his book "Obsessions Die Hard", do. I was also lucky enough to meet and get to know Ed. Every chance I got, I sat through one of his slide show presentations of his Obsession with completing the Pan American Highway, including the Darien Gap. 50 plus miles that were never completed. This is what got me fascinated in Adventure Touring. Since then I have completed a few IBA rides. Including 1000 miles in under 24 hours, 1500 miles in under 24 hours, East coast of the USA to the West coast of the USA in 42 hours and finally Key West Fl to Prudoe Bay Alaska and Back to Key West in 28 days. Not to mention the additional 1000 plus mile days just to attend a rally. All these rides may have never happened if I hadn't met the BMW crowd. I raised my family around motorcycles and camping. Now my first grandson is slowly being introduced to the sport I enjoy. I met Tom a few years back (16) and am now caught up in helping make his radio dream a success. Good Luck Tom!!!

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