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Screen Name: Larry Michel
Overview: What mysterious influence is at the core of all relationships? It's your energetic patterns. The MatchMatrix Show holds the key to transform the challenging and destructive to joyful and loving.
Biography: Larry A. Michel is a Master ERP (Energetic Relationship Professional). He incorporates the Energetic Third Dimension of Relationships into a profoundly transformational methodology, which reveals the source of the most challenging relationship issues and the key to alignment and personal and professional attunement. His unique energetic coaching drives to the heart of personal conflict so one may become fully present and discover true self love. Ten minutes with Larry can literally bring a major positive shift in your ability to give and receive love. Larry is also a seasoned entrepreneur specializing in business and product formation, optimization and development. Over the last two decades he has focused on goods and services promoting holistic health, quality nutrition and empowered and fulfilling relationships. He has focused his skills as a writer, publisher and executive producer on delivering the most useful and meaningful knowledge through mediums that achieve the greatest connection and most dramatic personal transformations. His business consulting result in increased job productivity, efficiency, team synergy and creativity, employee loyalty, reduced illness and absenteeism. Larry joined MatchMatrix in 2006 to assist the company in meeting their growth objectives. After a year of diligent evaluation and testing yielding remarkably consistent and accurate results he became a partner of the company and in 2013 purchased the company from the Founder.

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