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Screen Name: Rebecca P. Cohen
Overview: Spend 30 minutes with Rebecca and bring memorable moments outside into your every day life.
Biography: Noticing her connection to the outdoors and how much that influenced her two young boys, now four and six-years-old, Rebecca expanded her vision and work to inspiring families to spend more time outside together with simple activities that fit easily into a busy schedule. "Something magical happens with me and my kids when we're outside and away from distractions," says Rebecca. "We listen better, we share and notice more about the plants and animals around us, and become closer as a family." As a result, Rebecca makes it a point to get outside with her kids every day. "I've created the outdoor lifestyle and the relationship with my kids that I've always wanted, and I want to help all families create memorable moments outside with their kids each day."

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Diva Toolbox: Get Out of the House