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RRB Radio eBay & eCommerce Success Show
Category: Business
Description: more
Hosted by: Melinda RRB Radio
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 34406
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Title: LIVE SHOW w/ Bob Parker & Louise Sanchez on RRB Radio

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Past Episodes (119)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
05/09/2018 03:03 PM EDT
EPISODE420 - RRB Radio eBay & eCommerce Success Show
05/04/2016 08:11 PM EDT
EPISODE419 - RRB Radio eBay & eCommerce Success Show
10/08/2015 10:52 PM EDT
EPISODE418 - RRB Radio eBay & eCommerce Success Show
09/12/2015 03:40 PM EDT
EPISODE417 - RRB Radio eBay & eCommerce Success Show
01/09/2015 04:45 PM EST
EPISODE416 - RRB Radio eBay & eCommerce Success Show
12/18/2014 11:34 AM EST
EPISODE415 - RRB Radio eBay & eCommerce Success Show
12/04/2014 11:15 PM EST
EPISODE414 - RRB Radio eBay & eCommerce Success Show
07/03/2014 11:21 PM EDT
EPISODE413 - RRB Radio eBay & eCommerce Success Show
03/08/2014 08:37 PM EST
EPISODE412 - RRB Radio eBay & eCommerce Success Show
09/11/2013 08:00 PM EDT
Show Host on MEDICAL LEAVE until further notice
05/01/2013 08:08 PM EDT
LIVE SHOW w/ Bob Parker & Louise Sanchez on RRB Radio
04/24/2013 08:08 PM EDT
eBay's Government Relations Director, Brian Bieron on RRB Radio
01/16/2013 08:08 PM EST
Peggy Duncan on RRB Radio eBay & eCommerce Success Show
12/11/2012 01:00 PM EST
Rich Matsuura, Dir. eBay Seller Protection on RRB Radio eCommerce Podcast
11/28/2012 08:08 PM EST
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hello - Reviewer: amina03 10/12/15 04:23 PM EDT
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Keeping an ear to the Rail with The River, the Ranch and the Bay - Reviewer: fahnzy 08/15/12 05:09 PM EDT
Full Comment: Of me keeping as a relative new comer Is''t important to keep the ear to the rail, so to speak. Continuing to learn is part of my business on eBay, things change almost moment by moment in eCommerce and who better to learn from that someone that has experienced it, and blazed a trail. Both Melinda and Joe are expert ES educators and have a heart to pass on the knowledge they have learned to all they meet. I recommend listening to RRB radio is part of your weekly "good business habits", and join in onthe discussion. Jill

Skip Visit - Reviewer: BarbBGal 03/22/12 09:43 PM EDT
Full Comment: EXCELLENT

Very helpful program! - Reviewer: suec 02/15/12 10:15 PM EST
Full Comment: Many thanks again for all that you do to help so many of us! I also appreciate your comments welcoming me after I was on last time. Family illnesses & surgery have kept me away quite often, & I have a lot to catch up on. Your archives are especially convenient for me! sue

Great Show - Reviewer: winefi 01/07/12 07:47 PM EST
Full Comment: Great Show, Always informative and engaging. I learn so much from this show about how to be a good E Commerce Merchant. The show talks about all platforms of selling on the internet. All question are answered either by host or by the other listeners. There are so many people willing to help sharing their knowledge with the community. Marianne Taitano www.wine-fi.com

RRB Radio Rocks! - Reviewer: Sharon Ware 01/04/12 10:38 PM EST
Full Comment: Melinda Jackson is one very talented lady! I always enjoy her program and learn something new each time I listen. The guests she has on the program are all knowledgeable and top-notch! I recommend everyone tune in to RRB Radio every Wednesday night at 8:00 pm EST. Thanks for all you do Mel!

show always rocks - Reviewer: bbearjason12011 01/04/12 10:27 PM EST
Full Comment: i love the invites each week the show always rocks

Great Shows - Reviewer: SeacoastBargain 10/03/11 07:07 PM EDT
Full Comment: I always learn something new when I listen to RRB radio. I download the podcasts to my MP3 player and listen during my noon walks. Many great guests and co-hosts. Thanks Melinda!

Great show!! - Reviewer: Debbie_thebookkiosk 09/16/11 02:57 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is one show that I will be listening to several times. Great content and great tips!!

Learning & Laughing! - Reviewer: Beadshine 08/27/11 07:00 PM EDT
Full Comment: To The River The Ranch and The Bay RRBradio Crew & Guest Speakers....I just wanted to say that you are all a terrific bunch. There is always great information. Between the guest and the chat room questions always seem to get answered. After each show I am always able to improve my E-commerce business a little more. Melinda & Bryan you are both great hosts. Easy to listen to with lots of fun times. I am always charged after listening to RRBradio. Keep up the good work!

2011 Fall Seller Updates - Reviewer: FabulousMichelle 07/19/11 01:58 PM EDT
Full Comment: A great show covering the 2011 fall seller updates that were just released. Melinda and Bryan are very infomative and entertaining. Tune in and listen and you might win a prize. Thanks to Cliff Ennico for donating the book I won.

Outstanding Show! - Reviewer: Udderlygoodstuff 05/09/11 01:13 PM EDT
Full Comment: This show will be packed with more information than you can imagine! You will have to come back again and again.... Melinda and Bryan put on an informative entertaining show with something for everyone!

Entertaining and Informative - Reviewer: catherinespeacock 04/27/11 09:59 PM EDT
Full Comment: I love listening to the show! I've learned many helpful hints, tips & tricks. I've been turned on to a few sites that are helpful also. The hosts are funny and friendly. I'll be listening from now on!

5 Star Show - Reviewer: AlphaBargains 04/20/11 10:07 PM EDT
Full Comment: What a great show tonight with Janelle Elms and Jim Griffith (Uncle Griff). RRB Radio does a really good job of consistently bringing informative topics and guests. Thanks.

Great Show as Always - Reviewer: mymomsbooks 04/07/11 12:05 AM EDT
Full Comment: Melinda (galleriagifts) & Bryan (Mrbigfoot) here's a well deserved pat on the back. I have been enjoying this fun easy listening show since day one. This is a great show to unwind with on a Wed. night. Easy for anyone to fit into their schedules at 8:08, and remember. You have a wide variety of guests. I have learned about new sites and listing tools before trying. A big time saver to know if they are right for my biz model. Guests from sites I'm already on educating and updating me with need to know details. Keep up the good work! Suzanne mymomsbooks

Informative timely news - Reviewer: Jodi_Robertson 04/06/11 10:46 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great show. Very informative. Host and guests spoke of relevant items, timely news, and were just in general a pleasure to listen to.

Great!!! - Reviewer: EmilyL 04/06/11 10:44 PM EDT
Full Comment: Wonderful show! Everyone was so informative and friendly. I learned so much and can't wait to come back. Thank you!

Awesome Radio Show for Online Sellers - Reviewer: Paula7928 02/24/11 12:00 PM EST
Full Comment: As an online seller on ebay, Bonanza, ecrater, and my own website I always find Melindas topics and guests very relevant and helpful for my online businesses. I am a Stamps.com customer so I always appreciate when she interviews Eric Nash to discuss new features and changes to the program. I always come away from the show with several new things that will make my life in the online world easier, efficient, or more profitable. I met Melinda in person at an ebay event and she is just as nice in person as she is on the show! Thanks so much Melinda and to her co-host Brian for providing such an outstanding internet radio show.

Very Informative and one of the best! - Reviewer: LouieTheSeller 01/19/11 08:27 PM EST
Full Comment: The River The Ranch and The Bay RRBradio offers a variety of great information that will help any and every online seller become the best they can be to succeed in ecommerce.

Awesome Show! - Reviewer: ladystarre 01/05/11 08:10 PM EST
Full Comment: This is an AWESOME radio show to follow, packed full of information that educates and entertains at the same time for all online sellers (Amazon, Bonanza and eBay!). Melinda Jackson and her co-host Bryan Goodman give 110% to this show. There are no holds barred when it comes to talking about the trials and tribulations of selling and buying online. I love everyone in the chatroom as well - funny, friendly and helpful are these LOYAL listeners! C'mon and take a listen...you'll be hooked.

Melinda is the best !! - Reviewer: Motorheadbooks 09/22/10 07:55 PM EDT
Full Comment: Melinda always has the latest news and views and I always take the time to listen.

Great Show! - Reviewer: ninnienannie 05/26/10 10:13 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thanks for all the help and information...great venue for a new eBay seller. Everyone is super!

Invest your time here - Reviewer: CountryShade 12/30/09 10:41 PM EST
Full Comment: Always informative, fun, and a great eCommerce resource!

Great show! - Reviewer: DreamAdventures 08/07/09 10:39 AM EDT
Full Comment: This is the first time we've listened to this show, and we really enjoyed it. We are OSI Rock Stars, so Janelle was a special draw--but after listening in we know we'll be back. This must take a ton of effort on all your parts to host this show, great job! May your days be filled with Dream-Adventures!

Brilliant show - Reviewer: Paul_Outright 07/29/09 09:58 PM EDT
Full Comment: It takes ALOT of work to pull off a radio show, let alone doing it regularly. Like blogging but on stage! I'm very impressed with the atmosphere, pace, and fun of The River The Ranch and The Bay. They keep it relevant and interesting to listeners, answering key questions that aggravate sellers, and yet have a great time doing it. The open QA and chat session keep the show moving and engaging. And the hosts are made for radio :)

It's a really great Shoe... oops, Show! - Reviewer: HouseOfBedlam 07/15/09 07:29 PM EDT
Full Comment: It's kinda like "The View" with an Attitude... & no Barbara moderator here. If your interested in eBay, Amazon or Bonanzle, it's a listen to Must! You can't help, but learn something... think of it as a support group for sellers. Or if your like me, lookin' like a damn fool, laughin' out loud to the podcast while walking the dog... & endless source of entertainment to my neighbors!

Lively Talk with Varied Guests about AMAZON, BONANZLE, EBAY & SQUIDOO - Reviewer: Mr.Bigfoot 06/17/09 09:34 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is a great place to quiz the many guests who provide services to EBAY, SQUIDOO, AMAZON & BONANZLE and lots of discussions about online selling. Keep up the good work

A Great Show - Reviewer: Jethro1 04/29/09 10:28 PM EDT
Full Comment: Stepped into the show quietly just to listen a minute and ended up with excellent tips for my wife to help her sell down some of her book collection. Definately give a listen.

The River The Ranch and The Bay - Reviewer: Steve1957 04/29/09 07:53 PM EDT
Full Comment: When I read the title of this Talk Show, I thought, "Redneck Chat" To my surprise after listening to the presenters and guests, I am impressed with every detail that goes into the production. Well worth my time on a Wednesday evening. Kudos to everyone involved in the show. Steve1957