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Entrepreneurship & Business Course
Category: Education
Description: more
Hosted by: Prof Mark Juliano
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 13431
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Title: Class 25 - Inventor verus Marketing person

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Past Episodes (33)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
01/19/2007 02:00 PM EST
Class 2a - Ideas for Companies, Products & Services
01/19/2007 01:00 PM EST
Class 1 - Intro to Entrepreneurship
01/19/2007 12:00 PM EST
Introduction - Please Listen to First


- Reviewer: luctiber 08/30/15 08:25 PM EDT

Great structure and examples! Very relevant! - Reviewer: adelaidap 08/29/12 11:44 AM EDT
Full Comment: I took the course three years ago and completed an MBA degree since then. I still think Prof. Juliano's course was one of the most relevant ones I ever took and I want to thank him for that. Also, compared to other online courses, I really enjoyed the clear structure and the speaking style, which almost makes it sound like a dialogue with the listeners. Video format might work better for some learning styles though. Thank you, Prof. Juliano!

Thanks for the course - Reviewer: Julieoolums 12/28/09 03:44 AM EST
Full Comment: I'm finding this course very useful, learning some new things and reinforcing some old ones. One comment - I find the numbering on the audios a bit confusing as I am downloading them......is it possible to number them according to the class no? such as 1, 2a, 2b etc??? I am renaming them myself..but just thought to comment on this as it may help with future podcasts, and maybe others are having the same problem. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge Jules and in a real easy to absorb way. Keep up the good work!

Great concept -A newbie to this site but an experienced entrepreneur - Reviewer: chicon 02/25/09 12:19 PM EST
Full Comment: Excellent intro. Very interested in the other lessons. I have studied a Masters in Entrepreneurship and have a number of businesses going now so this will be a good chance to continue to learn.

finally the podcast have been looking for - Reviewer: motormouth12 12/15/08 06:15 PM EST
Full Comment: GREAT info lov the format please do more podcast!!!!!

Good information - Reviewer: CedReynolds 05/31/07 07:55 PM EDT
Full Comment: Good information. Know that your talkcast is helping people who haven't received this kind of education in the past. Ced Reynolds - The Entrepreneurial Pastor

A wonderful source of knowledge. - Reviewer: kubigjay 04/10/07 09:33 PM EDT
Full Comment: I am a student at CMU. I have heard great things about the entrepreneurship course but am unable to take it with my schedule. This podcast was a substitute at first. I immediately became hooked. I learned more from this podcast than many of my other courses. The format is amazing and truly helps me learn. I'll definitely be looking forward to other Talkshoe classes or anything else by Prof. Juliano.

Mark Hit the Nail on the Head! - Reviewer: Bill Quigley 04/09/07 10:42 AM EDT
Full Comment: Been trying to catch this show live for months and finally did - unfortunately it was probably the shortest show Mark Juliano will ever do - my loss. But it was the RIGHT episode with the RIGHT information - concise, effective, and given enhanced credibility by Prof Mark's years of experience. Thanks for the incredibly relevant episode on Vertical Marketing (a personal fix that marketing my business needed) - I can't wait to check out the archives. Top rated TalkCast and two vertical thumbs UP! Art Blanchet, Your Home-Your Money