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Category: Music
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Hosted by: Jesse Blaze Snider
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 1000
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- Reviewer: Lawler1976 07/26/10 02:42 PM EDT

You Guys Rock! - Reviewer: FightMasterSlay 05/26/09 02:22 AM EDT
Full Comment: Great show as always!Granted,Kevin was a little GROSS,but your men.So it's excuseable. ;) Keep up the good work,you guys make us all laugh.Love you Guys!!

CONGRATS TO YOU AND PATTY - Reviewer: Jilly93 04/12/09 09:46 PM EDT
Full Comment: Logan Lane Snider!!! I can't believe you DIDN'T cut the cord dude! You're so gonna kick yourself latter. But I came on here early to listen to Kevin and he was giving us the CLIFF NOTES of what was going on. Man what a great day for you both. AND I got to hear Holly for the first time. Kevin she sounds better than what you should be able to handle. ; ) Stay safe, and Jess...don't wig out so much when the baby comes home my friend. Jill

Big Thank YOU TO JESSE! This shows rocks btw - Reviewer: ambertheauthor 02/23/09 01:15 PM EST
Full Comment: Hey Jesse, thank you so much for the writing advice. Without you I would have never entered that writing contest for my novel Shades Malone: Werewolf Hunter for the amazon.com breakthrough novel award writing contest where I will be currently waiting for the quarterfinalist announcement on march 16, 2009. So I am totally grateful to you and consider you as one of my inspirations, so thank you so much. So without you, Robert Englund or your Dad Dee Snider I would've never been able to finish Shades Malone for the amazon.com contest. Love your show and would love to meet you someday. I will try to participate in more shows when I can. I tried last night but the computer knocked me off. So I'll try again on Spring break march 15.You and Kevin are like Regis and Kelly and you guys are funny as heck. Have a great day and stay sick! Amber

Coincidence? - Reviewer: Lightning_Lamp 01/04/09 05:55 PM EST
Full Comment: So yea, heres the dealio...my best friend Heather and I have started our own little comic series called "Lightning Lamp" its about our high school teachers and we give them really lame powers.. Lightning Lamp, is our first super hero, he was our freshmen english teacher and his power is to glow so bright when he's pissed in burns peoples eyes..and we added a new character Blais-E-Eye.. with our sophmore physics teacher Jesse Blais..his power is to move objects slightly to the right w/ his eye. I just thought it was wierd because recently remembered seeing someone named jesse blaze before..so i looked up the name and i freaked like "OMG its JESSE BLAZE SNIDER!" and then i looked at your myspace and i read about how your a published writer for MARVEL comics! i almost died! well yea i just thought i'd share that with you guys... i thought it was cool....hopefully our comics get as popular as yours Jesse! -Samantha Ramey

I LOVE "RADIO BLAZE!!!" - Reviewer: Krystal Nicole 09/19/08 04:33 PM EDT
Full Comment: I am brand new to Talkshoe! I have never had the chance to talk to Jesse and Kevin, but I listen to the show every week. I love it! You guys are hilarious, and as a fan, it's really nice to get to know Jesse just by listening to his show. Kevin is the best co-host I've ever listened to, Good Job KScott!! Everyone sounds like they have a blast on here, I hope to be able to join in on the fun some time, I just have to figure this thing out lol. So I hope to talk to you guys soon!! Thanks for the laughs! XoXo Krystal

Great Show Last Night - Reviewer: Ann Marie 08/18/08 09:52 AM EDT
Full Comment: It's the reigning YO MAMMA Queen here to say last night's show was really fun!!!!! Thanks JESSE!!!

thank you jesse - Reviewer: AllyD69 08/11/08 06:47 AM EDT
Full Comment: i thought listening to your show was great and thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me as well congrats on the baby news and i hope you really become so suceccful you are one musican that toatally deserve it !!!!! you guys are great thanks again

your awesome - Reviewer: jazz (loves jesse snider) 08/04/08 12:13 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hay jesse i just wanted to stop by and say that u rock and thanks for talking to me. also ur music video "juggernaut" is awesome. I LOVE YOU JESSE BLAZE SNIDER

yay i was a caller tonight - Reviewer: xjennyx09 07/20/08 10:32 PM EDT
Full Comment: so i was the last caller tonight and omg i was soo nervous,i had it planed out what i was going to say and all then when Jesse took my call i got so nervouse it was crazy,but i was so excited that i got to talk to jesse finally and kevin too :D i am so excited now and singing happy birthday to kevin was soo much fun. happy annivesary Jesse,even though i am an hour or 2 late.lol and happy birthday kevin!

Happy Anniversary Jesse and Patty!!!!!!! - Reviewer: Amandakp 07/13/08 12:19 PM EDT
Full Comment: Happy anniversary Jesse and Patty!!! You both make a cute couple!!! I hope that every anniversary you have you fall more and more in love. And that you reflect on those anniversaries, remembering when you got together or remembering the first arguments that you had and the make up afterwards. Reflecting over your relationship, will make you realize where you are going and where you have been. Once again Happy Anniversary!!! Amanda p.s. Happy early birthday Kevin!!!

EVERY FRIEND OF JESSE'S IS A FRIEND OF MINE!! - Reviewer: IluvJesseBlaze 07/06/08 07:00 PM EDT
Full Comment: hey everyone.... i dont have much to say.... feelin really sad rite now.... actually mad.... no sad.... no mad.... how about smad. im feelin really smad rite now..... i mite listen to jessez show..... i mite not.... devaney or lindsay if ur readin this plz tell me how the show goez cuz i wont be listenin tonite. im to smad

jesse blaze - Reviewer: Junior1 06/30/08 12:11 AM EDT
Full Comment: best show on here. cuz its so fun and random and funny. and his co host kevin is amazing. :)

Hi Jesse.... - Reviewer: JessesBigFan_2008 06/23/08 12:56 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hi Jesse your glad to be back home in Long Island aren't you ? I am so sad that you didn't win you should be the on to have that RTC Crown sorry that you didn't win but I'll tell you this you still have a great career in music ahead of you and I do hope one day that you and your band do get a recording contract. Another reason I'm so sad is that I didn't get to watch the season finale of the show I found out the next day by looking on the Rock The Cradle site I saw that Crosby had taken that crown right out from under your nose I cried . Even if I had had've gotten to watch it I know I would've cried anyway You should have that crown I liked Chloe too I am sorry she was eliminated I was sorry to see Lucy go home to I liked her too. Hope you read this Jesse lots of love to you ! !

jesse and kevin are awsome! - Reviewer: veronica124 06/14/08 10:02 PM EDT
Full Comment: jesse, kevin and landon, the three of you were so funny together! see jesse you should have one of your friends be a guest all the time, like lucy was fun no wshe has her own show, then we met kevin who is now your co-host, so did you convince landon to do his own show?! lol! can't wait until 2maro to hear what you and the rest of the snider kids did for fathers day!

Goddess - Reviewer: Give Me A Six 06/10/08 03:04 AM EDT
Full Comment: I have to ask. Did you misspell the word listen on purpose?

Sorry, everybody - Reviewer: KScott 06/08/08 09:05 PM EDT
Full Comment: Due to a last-minute scheduling conflcit, RADIO BLAZE will NOT be on tonight. But, have no fear, you can catch the live broadcast this TUESDAY night @ 10PM. Sorry for the inconvenience, and we hope to see you then.

C to the R-A-Z-Y! - Reviewer: **Riley Weathers** 06/02/08 07:55 PM EDT
Full Comment: That was sooo funny. Least what I heard. I was having some issues with multi-tasking and listening to the show. His song about his sister was sooo cute and the gay story? I almost died. I thought Devaney's little brother was sweet. The whole discussion over their mother's chest size was.... well, boys will be boys. HA No offense. -clears throat- HOPEFULLY, I can stick around more next week. WEEE!

First show listening to. - Reviewer: LovelyLatina28 06/02/08 03:15 AM EDT
Full Comment: This is show actually funny...this last show with the trivia q's was cool but some people had some hard questions man..I was starting to feel like I dont know crap..ha! Anyway...So far Jesse I like the show and I will be tuning in hopefully live next time if I can remember. I hope BXF gets some type of deal soon cuz I really wanna see you guys here in South Fla. Ever since I saw you on RTC I thought you were an awesome entertainer and you mos def deserved to win.

Come on now... - Reviewer: Kasey 05/30/08 11:10 AM EDT
Full Comment: iluvJesseBlaze, although you didn't mention me, I have to step in and say your comment was a bit harsh. I mean, yeah, I'm sure we all agree, there's been some inappropriateness here and there, considering the age of some of the listeners and the fact that Jesse's married, but you went beyond that and said some hurtful things about Goddess, Teala, Give Me a Six, and Dr. Stuffington. Regardless of who says what, every person in that chat is there to support Jesse, and by calling his fans out by name and putting them down like that, you are being kind of disrespectul towards him, you know?

Thank God for Big Rock and Roll - Reviewer: Rockbear99 05/18/08 07:56 PM EDT
Full Comment: You dad is right You do KICK ASS. As far as Big Rock and Roll all I can say is about time.

jesse blaze is FREAKEN HOTT!! - Reviewer: taralee 05/18/08 07:19 PM EDT
Full Comment: hey jesse, i think u are soo adorable and soo freaken sexy! u so should have won rock the cradle! u are a very talented person and i love ur attitude towards rock music!! u need to come to florida!!

Jesse Blaze Snider - Reviewer: Teala 05/17/08 07:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hi Jesse Blaze Snider......you are like really sexy i'm sorry that you dident win Rock The Cradle you soo should have!!!!oh yeah and i put your song on my myspace and add like all of your proformences to my Youtube favorites

Aww man... - Reviewer: xvcrimsajadevx 05/16/08 12:35 PM EDT
Full Comment: Just learned you lost Rock the Cradle... Damn America! Lol. I've been rocking to your dad's music all my life. Just not alot of music coming out in my generation I can really get into... Man you rock! If you ever make it up to Calgary, AB I'm so going to make sure I have tickets so I can experience what a REAL rock concert is like. Anyways, just had to post my support and since I don't have a MySpace. Anyways, you keep doing what your doing and I hope to see you in concert one day. Crim

hey jesse - Reviewer: taylor 05/12/08 09:49 PM EDT
Full Comment: hi jesse thank you for talking to me you fucking rock

Just the beginning! - Reviewer: Kelly M. 05/09/08 09:35 AM EDT
Full Comment: Your performances last night were amazing, as usual, and I wish I could say that I'm angry that you lost, but in all reality, you don't need a show on MTv to prove that you are an wonderful artist. It was a great stepping stone to promote you and your amazing band, and I think we both know that you will go far, whether or not you can prove your ability on a biased show. I'm not going to say that Crosby shouldn't have won. You both are great performers, even though you are on opposite sides of the spectrum. At least you lost to someone worthy of competition, whether you think it or not. I'm sure the experience was great, and it is just another thing that you can say you excelled in. Congrats, Jesse, on making it as far as you did. I know we'll be hearing more from you soon! Good luck in all your future endeavors! "When you don't live by yesterday, you start to live for tomorrow" - Yogi Bhajan

What A Disappointment! Loggins??? - Reviewer: mememe363 05/08/08 11:28 PM EDT
Full Comment: I am so upset Jesse! People must not have gotten off their butts and voted! You should have won hands down! You ROCKED that damn cradle! Loggins....I can't say what it really on my mind....it's not very nice. You may not have taken top place on Rock The Cradle but Jesse....you are a fantastic rocker and a good person. WITHOUT a doubt you'll go far and fly by others on the show! They'll never be as successful as you!

You ROCKED the cradle! - Reviewer: gr8dane 05/08/08 11:23 PM EDT
Full Comment: I just finished watching the finale. I am so disappointed. You are truly an awesome performer (and artist--whether you agree or not). Nothing against Crosby, but you should have won it. I enjoyed watching and listening to you each week. Though I have to admit, I would rather not hear you sing "Hit Me Baby One More Time" again. Leave those kind of songs for the wannabes!!! You should be quite proud of yourself--you did great. Hope to see more of you again. You rock!

=] =] =] - Reviewer: beccaboo 05/05/08 07:54 PM EDT
Full Comment: jesse i think that your awesome and i'm glad you are doing this show. it shows that you really are down to earth and not an asshole like they are trying to portray you on the show. keep on rockin, and i'll be at the taping on thursday cheering you on! (i'm thinking of making a shirt for you, but we'll see).

You ROCK - Reviewer: TerriAndress 05/05/08 12:03 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hey Jesse, thanks so much for taking my call! You and Lucy both ROCK....I will be front row when you guys come up to Toronto!!!!

JESSE IS BLAZIN - Reviewer: RIDEON 04/27/08 11:54 PM EDT

Awesome Show!! - Reviewer: JohnB from Memphis 04/25/08 06:52 PM EDT
Full Comment: I listened to episode 2 and really enjoyed it .. Thanks for making yourself accessible to your fans .. love the show and I'll make sure that I make it live soon.

wow i had no idea - Reviewer: Nikky 04/20/08 11:52 PM EDT
Full Comment: That you were married. it said on your myspace that your in a relationship but fuck. thats fucked up..i never really liked mtv the only reason i watched the show was for you. i liked you music.and the way you present yourself. well hope you kick ass next week. nikky

Jesse Rocks So Does Baptized By Fire - Reviewer: Gidget922 04/20/08 09:47 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hey Jesse it's The bumper sticker Lady Annamarie Sending out news from Rock The cradle to all my sites I belong too,Your awesome as always..Hi to Dan,Danny and Ben for me.... In my Book you deserve this Friend For Life Annamarie( West Va)

jesse blaze - Reviewer: jesseblazesniderfan 04/20/08 04:09 PM EDT
Full Comment: the show is kick ass and thakns for taking my call first. i am soo proud of u and what u do.

My thoughts of Jesse and the show - Reviewer: bazfreak 04/19/08 04:55 PM EDT
Full Comment: This was an AWESOME show! It's a great way for Jesse to connect with his fans and this is what I have always loved about Jesse. He is very personable and accessible to his fans and he is very REAL! With Jesse he is who he is no BS and nothing fake and I think with talkshoe that gives people out there the opportunity to see and hear this. Keep up the good work and much luck to you on RTC Jesse, Iknow you will go far! Paula Rockford, Illinois

Always a follower... - Reviewer: CitiDrea 04/16/08 12:49 PM EDT
Full Comment: Have watched Dee Snider's family for years. I have always thought Dee was a real stand-up guy. Jesse is a real chip off the ol block! He has his own flare too which is a wonderful compliment to who he is and where he has come from. It's great to see a guy my age in rock doin it up positive, but still knowing how to rock! Thanks for answering my call Jesse! YOU HAVE MY VOTE!!!! So when is your dad running for president?

not too bad jesse - Reviewer: Mrs. Konerko 04/16/08 03:03 AM EDT
Full Comment: I'm not a crazy superfan or anything, but I love seeing artists stay grounded and connected with their fans, which is exactly what happened with the show. Unfortunately I was writing my paper so I didn't get to actually ask any questions but I got to listen to the "interview" and it was nice to see how down to earth jesse really is. Mtv does kinda suck not only because they really don't show any videos anymore, but they really did make him out to look like a pretentious douche, which is what MTV is famous for. They always have to find a bad guy. Too bad for MTV jesse isn't that guy he was nothing but polite to all of his fans and shared his life like an open book. Doing RTC was really one of the best decision's he's made because it gave him the exposure him and his band needed to get signed regardless if he wins or not. So kudos to you jesse. It's just awesome to see that there are still honest people out there that speak their mind and don't give a damn the consequences.