Saturday Nights with The NewsGuy
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Hosted by: newsguy2005
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 99598
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Title: TNS 2014.06.28

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08/15/2015 10:23 PM EDT
EPISODE207 - Saturday Nights with The NewsGuy
01/17/2015 09:08 PM EST
EPISODE206 - Saturday Nights with The NewsGuy
07/05/2014 10:00 PM EDT
TNS 2014.07.05
06/28/2014 09:44 PM EDT
TNS 2014.06.28


William Raymond Finck is proven a jew beyond any doubt! - Reviewer: CIforLife323 03/27/15 06:37 PM EDT
Full Comment: Each time this murderous cowardly faggot deletes my reviews and refuses any debate of his Talmudic "teachings" I, in turn, will repost my reviews on every CI TalkShoe page to drive the final nail in this ADL agent's coffin! More information on this cuckold, transsexual-frequenting bastard that can barely speak English is at

Rabbi William Raymond Finck was a regular on this show. - Reviewer: DONALDCARLSMITH44 03/26/15 09:18 AM EDT
Full Comment: We laugh at Rabbi Finck's attempt at infiltrating CI, a religion he's never been a part of nor ordained within like those honorable men he attacks! His little mutiny backfired and now he's left with ZERO listeners except a known race-mixer named Allen Rouse and still tries to use Eli's name of Christogenea (God's Penis). We reap what we sow and today Rabbi Finck has NOBODY but known shills and ANTIFAs that love the universalist tripe spewing forth. It's a conspiracy! Google jews have framed me! Oi vey! Angels are Mexicans? HAHA! Nice try, jew boy! Your own whore daughter excludes you from the priesthood - or did you rewrite that in your lame, race-mixing " CNT Bible?" A total embarrassment to the advances CI has made - I need not say "stay away" as nobody but a few fake sockpuppets (like Joe and Heather who are Rabbi Bill himself) even tune in for giggles.

NewsMan is of the Tribe - Reviewer: 12/07/14 08:50 AM EST
Full Comment: thus he needs support from us Jews.

Racist - Reviewer: CJCC / Aryan Nations 11/29/14 09:58 PM EST
Full Comment: Scum

Since 1969 I hide alone in this house - Reviewer: nancyboy 06/21/14 07:56 PM EDT
Full Comment: Donate money, or even a manual typewriter to me, FOR YOUR ONLY HOPE FOR A FUTURE!!

Full Comment: Beware!!! She knows that she has been found out and has become scarce, however, Linda4444 IS ON ALL Talkshoe Targeted Individual calls and MONITORS ALL CHAT ROOMS as other monikers or as a Guest. She told me so herself. Don't be fooled by this DISINFORMATION ARTIST, SHILL and CHRONIC LIAR. She says that she has personal problems that have taken her away from Talkshoe but, not only has she not left, but the only problems she is having is with exposure of her DISINFORMATION, LIES AND BAD ACTING. Oh, and its not slander unless it lies that are spoken, Linda. This would be libel if it weren't the honest truth.

Good shoah - Reviewer: josephblauman 04/12/14 04:56 PM EDT
Full Comment: This program is definitely over 6 million. The best chatroom on the net, freespeech, Nimbusters welcome

- Reviewer: Amalie_Baldwin 09/17/13 03:22 PM EDT

great podcast. great voice. good info - Reviewer: xxxxxxcowpotexxxxxxCOWPOTE 09/03/13 09:29 AM EDT
Full Comment: well the show when i travel..easy on the ears..keep the maggots and trolls out of the chat room..and you are good..P..IN PUNK..only 1 punk in your room..ANYTHING GOES WITH THAT best radio..ON ANY save them..when you do a show.."DO A SHOW..SAVE A TROLL"....THEY LISTEN IN THERE SISTERS/MOMS HOUSE..BASEMENT..1 ROOM..1 WINDOW....or workhouse..BE WELL SIR

Allows known Child Molesters on non-stop! - Reviewer: JimMarcus 07/08/13 04:32 AM EDT
Full Comment: If he'd delete that foul mouthed baby-rapist Lindstedt I'd change it to 5 stars! Martin opposes the 14 Words!

Sounds like Howard Stern - Reviewer: FloydTheBarber 05/20/13 02:12 PM EDT
Full Comment: With a bad head cold.

Like traveling back in time. - Reviewer: Bullets4McBride 05/06/13 12:35 PM EDT
Full Comment: Good show. It's a shame about McBride. RIP.

- Reviewer: xxxxxxCommander_McbridexxxxxxCommander McBride 04/29/13 11:00 AM EDT

- Reviewer: DevilYouKnow 04/29/13 11:00 AM EDT

â??Though this be madness, yet there is method in't.â?? - Reviewer: EisenSchwein 04/26/13 09:42 AM EDT
Full Comment: The INTERN is a GOLDEN voiced warbler that just makes my eyes melt.

Marbles! - Reviewer: xxcovenant420xxPastor Visser 09/22/12 07:51 PM EDT
Full Comment: Honey Boo Boo and the Nazis From Venus?

What happened? - Reviewer: borninairforce"hospital" 08/26/12 02:25 AM EDT
Full Comment: Tonight blacks, Jews, and even survivors of domestic violence and police violence were not welcome on the actual call. Callers insulted people based on ethnic origin and held the views that some people deserve to be raped. The chat room was a little better than the call. Call speech was not inclusive. After derogatory stereotyping remarks started on the call, they did not stop. 160 viewers and listeners left the show in a mass exodus. Attempts to redirect the conversation for civility would have been appreciated.

NewsGuy names the J** - Reviewer: ObamaforLIFE 08/11/12 08:45 PM EDT
Full Comment: Heck yeah!!!!

NewsGuy has a purdy voice - Reviewer: AlyssaP 08/11/12 07:46 PM EDT
Full Comment: Go NewsGUY!!!!!

Just WOW!!! - Reviewer: NotHal 08/11/12 06:52 PM EDT
Full Comment: This guy and his callers are not only well informed they are super funny. I really enjoy listening to him on Saturday nights.

Sister Martina Loves Sushi - Reviewer: Obadiah 1:18 06/30/12 09:14 AM EDT
Full Comment: NewsGuy, a question for Sister Martina: now that she's had that proud Anglo-Saxon heterosexual Christian George Takei on her show will Bill Shatner be her next celebrity guest?

Great show! Plus they expose the knoen jew Marty Lindstedt (aka Samuelson). - Reviewer: Pauleo 05/28/12 08:02 AM EDT
Full Comment: Keep 'em coming!

A real radio talent - Reviewer: pdemsky1 05/11/12 10:07 PM EDT
Full Comment: Newsguy should be doing radio professionally somewhere.A nice mix of humor and politics with some very interesting listeners and guests.. Top shelf entertainment.

Most Talented Guy on Talkshoe - Reviewer: Kennewick_Man 05/05/12 12:53 PM EDT
Full Comment: NewsGuy is easily the most talented guy on Talkshoe and I'm happy to call into the show when I can.

Here's some news: - Reviewer: White Honor 03/11/12 01:29 AM EST
Full Comment: Gary Godsey (uses fake name "Chris Heidrich), NC volunteer coordinator of the South Africa Project, is a CONVICTED RAPIST! See: Godsey is also the Aryan Nations program on Talkshoe:

Pooty - Reviewer: Massachusetts 03/05/12 07:12 PM EST
Full Comment: NewsGuy turned into a pooty, what a shame

NewsGuy's show ith pooty awethum - Reviewer: Pootie2Shoes 02/11/12 04:53 PM EST
Full Comment: If you lithen regularly, you will soon be pooty awethum yourself. Regular callins by ex cons, drifters, pornographers from spank sites make him the Howard Thturn of the intertubes. Be thair or be thquare.