Alda's Targeted Individual CommunityCall
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Hosted by: Alda
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 99521
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Past Episodes (785)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
02/25/2016 08:58 PM EST
EPISODE792-Apples T.Cook Steps Up and Fights Back
02/24/2016 09:05 PM EST
EPISODE791-Drs On Duty Mty, CA Part 2
02/23/2016 08:24 PM EST
EPISODE790-Drs on Duty-Traumadol-NO HELP
02/17/2016 08:59 PM EST
EPISODE789-Infrasonic Blasting, Lower Lumbar Degeneration
02/13/2016 04:29 PM EST
EPISODE788-Dont Be a Puppet-FBI Website Radical Extermism
02/08/2016 08:31 PM EST
EPISODE787-1StepCloser Legislation Cog Systems
02/01/2016 09:26 PM EST
EPISODE785 - EL Acoustic Harassment DEW Acoustic Infrasound and Ultrasound
01/24/2016 12:03 PM EST
EPISODE784 - Alda's Targeted Individual CommunityCall
01/18/2016 10:10 PM EST
EPISODE782-DN MLK Discovered 1964 Speech
01/17/2016 11:56 AM EST
EPISODE781-New Age Sex Scandal/Integral Thinking
01/14/2016 10:16 PM EST
EPISODE780-Water Leaks/Mold: Trump/Yellow Star of David
01/07/2016 09:30 PM EST
EPISODE779 - Why did US DoD become like CHINA?
12/29/2015 07:18 PM EST
EPISODE778-Comcast Network, Apple, Chase, PGPD
12/08/2015 10:33 PM EST
EPISODE777-Radicalized-Narrative Networks Revisited-SOCNORTH
12/03/2015 09:22 AM EST
EPISODE776-San Bernardino Shooting - Unusual Dating Site Desc


09/17/15 Show - Reviewer: stalkedincal 09/28/15 07:15 PM EDT
Full Comment: Alda, do you realize how brilliant you were?

Alda Mysteriosa needs to be the Fifth Face of Mount Rushmore - Reviewer: Stabby_McHugs 04/23/15 07:31 PM EDT
Full Comment: Alda is at the Vanguard of the 21st century freedom renaissance.

- Reviewer: The Paranormal Chronicles 03/03/15 11:06 PM EST

The whore that attacked pastor Paul Demsky - Reviewer: CJCC / Aryan Nations 11/29/14 10:25 PM EST
Full Comment: Stay away! Pure whoredom!

- Reviewer: CanaryinaCoalmine 11/21/14 04:13 AM EST

- Reviewer: CircusoftheStars 11/04/14 12:10 PM EST

100% Useful information for targeted individuals. Fantastic call. - Reviewer: Snitzer1 09/08/14 09:35 PM EDT
Full Comment: Alda's thorough research in all aspects of gang stalking, from the physical stalking to directed energy weapons are clearly explained by Alda in a factual manner: She never wastes your time on useless speculation, aliens, demons, reptilians and the other nonsense you often hear on some of the other TI calls. Alda's shows are packed with research, citations;Documentation of her sources-The works. If you are a targeted individual who has been looking for the "holy grail" of USEFUL TI information then please listen to every single one of Alda's archived shows, her website and blog. Alda, Renata, Badbaby and Nigel are the most honest, informed, stubbornly determined TI hosts you will find on any podcast. Period.

Not just another call - Reviewer: Ronayre 08/19/14 07:24 PM EDT
Full Comment: Alda cuts through the chaff a true NO BS activist not afraid to stand up for herself or others to show the truth!

One of the Best! - Reviewer: RenataM 08/08/14 03:10 PM EDT
Full Comment: Alda has one of the most informed T.I. calls in the community. She takes current news and information and shows how it affects the Targeted Individual; She delivers her message with passion, experience and a wealth of knowlege. Keep up the good work Alda!

- Reviewer: nancyboy 07/08/14 11:05 PM EDT

July 6 2014 - Reviewer: LeslieCrawford 07/06/14 04:12 PM EDT
Full Comment: This was the best call I have listened to in a while. Great job Alda explaining what is really going on with targeted individuals. Keep up the good work.

Labelling - Reviewer: rightfromthehip 06/04/14 05:17 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is in response to the comment about Linda4444. T.I.'s who are intelligent learn to discern who are the true disinformation artists that plague the chatrooms and will stop attending of their own accord. What I see spreading through the rooms are individuals that have personal platforms to express their opinions. The truth is is that you now have become the perpetrators, because you do the same thing.

knowledgeable on current and past history of targeted individuals - Reviewer: Mark-Lituva 05/19/14 08:35 PM EDT
Full Comment: I like Alda because of her no nonsense approach and bravery to the current situation we as targeted individuals are forced to deal with , and sheds light on the ways our enemy trys to destroy us . she also helps us build our courage and to stand our ground in the secret war waged against the human race .

Informative and Entertaining - Reviewer: pdemsky1 01/29/14 10:43 PM EST
Full Comment: Alda is probably the most informed person regarding targeting that is currently broadcasting on Talkshoe.She is serious but can be funny and entertaining but most important is that she is getting the word out.

Alda is a really Cool, Smart Guy whose mark is right on the money! - Reviewer: ebgnina 11/05/13 03:50 PM EST
Full Comment: I am really glad that I found you Alda and I am glad that a friend of mine refere to you to me, otherwise I would have never have found you. The Gods were smiling favorably upon me :) I am now your avid follower now. Keep up the good work. You are Outstanding! :) Nina

One of THE best Newsworthy Hosts on Talkshoe - Reviewer: Huggybear 11/01/13 12:16 AM EDT
Full Comment: Thank you Alda. You're calls are some of the best.

- Reviewer: JimMarcus 07/14/13 05:23 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Rainbow 2 07/07/13 05:37 PM EDT

Alda's Shows - Reviewer: blueangel59 03/26/13 04:59 PM EDT
Full Comment: Alda's show is always a learning experience with useful information that helps to enlighten T.I.'s.

- Reviewer: TEEIdaho 03/25/13 10:53 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Alda_ 12/17/12 08:26 PM EST

Alda's Show - Reviewer: nojusticenpeace 12/02/12 05:22 PM EST
Full Comment: Greetings, I agree with TEAIdaho what he said about Alda's knowleage being and and we shall win. Peace

BRILLIANT - Reviewer: this account hacked 11/30/12 07:30 PM EST
Full Comment: Alda is one of the most knowledgeable people on Gang Stalking/Organised Stalking...As a TI myself...I highyly recommend this show for anyone who can handle the real truth