Canadians Remedies in Commerce Research
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Hosted by: Chief2k10
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Title: ChiefROck Interview with Gail and Norah

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06/12/2011 04:05 PM EDT
EPISODE3 - Canadians Remedies in Commerce Research
06/05/2011 04:00 PM EDT
EPISODE2 - Canadians Remedies in Commerce Research
05/29/2011 01:00 PM EDT
EPISODE1 - Canadians Remedies in Commerce Research


Excuse the my intros lol - Reviewer: Chief2k10 07/24/11 06:21 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hi, everyone sorry about the mic cutting in and out, i had no idea it was doing that, if you download the session and forward past this it picks up around 40mins in or so and the calls goes good from there, thanks for all those who have come to listen. Chief Ok that was the 1st session, the last session #5 it might go silent at some point but it picks up with eldon around the 2hr and 30sec part and carries on nicely so enjoy and thanks for coming