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Title: The message you want to hear.

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02/05/2013 09:00 PM EST
The message you want to hear.
04/14/2012 08:00 PM EDT
Reality plus.
06/22/2011 09:00 PM EDT
#9 - The company you keep (and other tools of coercive persuasion).
06/15/2011 09:00 PM EDT
#8 - Accusations, scapegoating, and T.I.'s.
05/11/2011 09:00 PM EDT
#7 - "The program", explained.
04/27/2011 09:00 PM EDT
#6 - Group efforts, infiltrators, disruption.
04/20/2011 09:00 PM EDT
#5 - A skeptical look at skepticism.
04/06/2011 09:00 PM EDT
#3 - Sleight of Mind: deception and mind control.
03/23/2011 09:00 PM EDT
#1 - Disinformation.


Message to all T.I.s - Reviewer: Proof123 06/26/14 07:24 PM EDT
Full Comment: Share Share Share If you are a T.I. and found these podcasts to be of any help to you, you should share the podcasts with all the T.I.s that you possibly can. Help the man spread his words. But always remember that is only a theory of what can possibly be happening but I still believe that it can be helpful. Also don't forget to DOWNLOAD incase anything happens so we can post them back up. You may not be able to do much but at least you can help others who are in your position.

Fantastic information - Reviewer: cyclotronheating 06/13/14 06:43 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thanks for your great talks. Every TI should listen to your site. This peer reviewed paper might be useful for you to understand the mathematics behind military hyper game theory, i.e. the purpose of the deceptions. - Robert Duncan

TI podcast - Reviewer: xxwunderkindxx 06/06/13 01:56 PM EDT
Full Comment: I was linked to this website from an email and want to say, the podcast have changed my outlook on things. Your conclusions are objective and very well put together. There needs to be more of that on this topic.

I reserve the right to remove website SEO, pet theories, and the like. - Reviewer: JeremySpeaks11 02/04/13 12:49 PM EST
Full Comment: Hi everyone, I welcome constructive criticism, but you're going to have to save your pet theories and web-site plugs for elsewhere. If you want to network with other listeners, you have the option of following the podcast (so others can contact you) or checking out the profile of others who have followed it. If there's some web site you feel I must check out, you can contact me personally. I strongly advise becoming familiar with the high-level issues before attempting to network, "learn more", or share what you think is valuable information. There are many pitfalls. By removing certain comments, I'm helping you and others avoid them.

- Reviewer: GuardianX 02/04/13 01:49 AM EST

A few thoughts - Reviewer: Yessir45 02/23/12 12:40 AM EST
Full Comment: Jeremy you are obviously a very smart guy. Your theory that this is all mind control (while it may even be the most probable theory) is just that......a theory. We have no evidence, you have no evidence. We don't know what is going on other than what we perceive, which is daily "gang stalking", acoustic disturbances, and it seems like mind reading (again we have no idea for sure). What I don't understand is how this has gone on for so long without a whistle blower coming forward. My final thought is that ALL ENERGY NOW NEEDS TO BE PUT INTO GETTING IT STOPPED. We have all the theories about who and what, but absolutely no ideas on how to stop it. We have to drop everything and find a has to be what everyone puts their energy into. However that may be. God Bless all of you....I pray for you all very often.

Hmm.. - Reviewer: Norsk30 01/17/12 12:10 PM EST
Full Comment: Hope that you one day stop this.. This is THE BEST that all of us that are tortured have, BUT i hope that youll STOP THIS HELL!!!! Im a schizophrenic, abused since birth. STOP IT!!! DONT CONTINUE IT!!! It was a lie from they started? or was it too many that loved to abuse?

- Reviewer: jayw121 10/20/11 11:19 AM EDT

- Reviewer: kenw232 10/14/11 01:02 PM EDT

Amazing Work! - Reviewer: Natalia_N 07/27/11 07:20 PM EDT
Full Comment: I just finished listening to the show titled "The Program" and I want to thank you for your work and dedication. I have to say that it was the most significant and cogent explanation I've encountered so far. I have so many questions. I hope you come back and record more shows when YOU feel you can. Again, you have my gratitude. Know that what you are doing makes a difference. : )

Great - Reviewer: Phoenix73 07/25/11 05:10 PM EDT
Full Comment: What was wrong with the site? "Have you been Hacked, or Have I been Hacked?....being a TI one never knows ...." You could try going to the web site with different browser via proxy to make sure the it's the site and not you have been ;-) Why don't you continue? There's a good drug for us all -

- Reviewer: elvismac88 07/20/11 11:00 PM EDT

WebSite - Reviewer: ShadowBroker 06/26/11 05:12 PM EDT
Full Comment: Maybe someone in the community can help you out, being forum admins etc. I can probably help you out with some technical issues if you want.

I get it - Reviewer: sifted_by_perps 06/18/11 10:21 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thanks for Everything

Excellent work Jeremy - Reviewer: Startwinz 06/15/11 12:54 PM EDT
Full Comment: I am having a problem loading your webpage/site, it keeps defaulting to the following link: Have you been Hacked, or Have I been Hacked?....being a TI one never knows ....

GREAT SHOW! - Reviewer: Guest 1 04/06/11 03:10 PM EDT
Full Comment: I love the way you're getting the information out there Jer, and I love you too, too much.