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Title: Uncaged Birds: On The Radio - Special Guest Love Newkirk

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Uncaged Birds: On The Radio - Special Guest Love Newkirk
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Life Behind the Wall


The Power In Telling Our Own Stories - Opinion about The Netherlands - Reviewer: Erik2011 11/15/11 06:25 PM EST
Full Comment: Great table talk. Precious and Sharon really know their communities. But I must admit, as a member of Surinamese and the Dutch Caribbean community in the Netherlands, I was a little bit shocked what I heard from African-American Carolyn Vines about the black community in the Netherlands. Especially about the fact that the black Dutch community had no objection to black Pete and that African-Americans in The Netherlands did. And that these communities should have a dialog. It's clear that Carolyn is completely out of touch with the black community in the Netherlands, which is logical if you just live in the Netherlands for twelve years and have no knowledge of the activist history against Black Pete, especially in the big cities. There have been major discussions about this issue in the papers and on television, People marched against it, wrote books about it. But apperently Carolyn Vines was still living in the US or somewhere else when all of this happened. Of course there are black people who think we should not make a fuss about it, most of them do not want to spoil this popular children�?�¢??s fest for their own children or are tired of fighting against it. But in Surinam and the Dutch Caribbean black Pete is not allowed. To be honest it felt as if a white person with no knowledge about the black people was talking about black people. And that was exactly what your program was all about, telling our own stories. But Vines was not telling the story of the black community in the Netherlands. And the Wendy van Dijk she mentioned (the one who imitated a black woman), she wasn't imitating a Surinamese woman, but Antillean woman. Which did not matter much because both communities responded. Although I don't think Carolyn knows the difference between those communities. Mrs Vines maybe Black and Abroad, but she certainly is not black in Holland or Europe for that matter. So please , ask a black Dutch woman the next time when you want a black perspective of Holland. There are so many intelligent black women here. But in fact, she does not even have to be Dutch, Sharon Otoo is not Afro-German either, but she in the management team of a major black organisation. And that makes her perspective valuable and balanced. But to end, it was a great program. I was great hearing them talk and tell their stories. All three of them, including the African-American experience of Carolyn.