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Title: 3 5 2018 Howard Griswold Quotes, Quips,Quirks

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Concerning Lawful money - Reviewer: KennyWally 01/05/13 04:00 PM EST
Full Comment: According to the fed website, the "notes" are considered lawful money for public and pvt debt. But that is in the public , so in the private there is silver and gold. And of course, there is always more to the story. I believe there used to be "lawful" money printed, but very few people took advantage of that, because not many were paying attention. This current attempt at getting folks riled up is all for naught, a bit too late, the horse already left the I wrong?! As for Howard, I heard some good comments on trusts and by him so far, and am looking forward to hearing more.

In theory this is some good info. But they don't understand the importance of redeeming lawful money - Reviewer: Osbogosley 08/10/12 08:13 AM EDT
Full Comment: The Savings to Suitors clause recognizes the diversity of citizenship that may exist in one country. A suitor can operate in common law because of the clause. Anyone claiming citizenship in the state of, is subject to their administrative hearings. They also talk about people as if they are real. has some mind blowing insight into the news.