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Title: Lee Camp returns!

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Past Episodes (55)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
07/18/2011 03:00 PM EDT
Do We Really Need To Own Things?
07/11/2011 06:00 PM EDT
Ustream Pilot Show
06/27/2011 03:00 PM EDT
A little 'off the cuff'
06/20/2011 03:00 PM EDT
Zeitgeist: The European Way
06/13/2011 03:00 PM EDT
Bitcoins? What is it and how does it work?
05/30/2011 03:00 PM EDT
Scott Keller for President 2012? Really??
05/16/2011 03:00 PM EDT
Looking into the CND Project
05/09/2011 03:00 PM EDT
Group Decision Making - Is It a Good Idea?
05/02/2011 03:00 PM EDT
Do We Need Leaders?
04/25/2011 03:00 PM EDT
Grassroots Wilt: How Citizens' Groups Destroy Themselves
04/18/2011 03:00 PM EDT
Do we take ourselves too seriously?
04/11/2011 03:00 PM EDT
Don't you have a real name??
04/04/2011 03:00 PM EDT
What we've got here...is a failure to communicate.
03/28/2011 03:00 PM EDT
Z Radio welcomes back Jacque and Roxanne!
03/21/2011 03:00 PM EDT
Edumacate me!


Appreciation to Z Radio is an Understatement - Reviewer: Pariah Scion 05/16/11 09:36 PM EDT
Full Comment: I've learned much in just listening to your show. I appreciate all the knowledge and intelligent discussions. They've prompted me to learn even more and many have changed my life. Thunder, especially, you've inspired me to do my own show. Hopefully, with time mine can be as useful and enlightening as your show. I'll follow the show to the end, guys. Thanks so much!

Great Work - Reviewer: A.T.Z.M. Podcasts 05/09/11 10:16 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hey guys, just wanted to tell you that you're still doing a great job. I'm also on here doing my podcasts for the movement. We should hook up for a paired show or something at some point. Anyways take care guys big hugs all round. Adam-Antium

Awareness - Reviewer: Big_Media_Lies 02/17/11 11:00 AM EST
Full Comment: Thanks again for calling my show. I plan to join Z radio and hope you'll follow our programs too at ARC Talk Radio and News Media Deceptions. Let's open eyes to all this oppression and make a difference!