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Title: EPISODE277 - Into the OODA

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Title: EPISODE276 - Into the OODA

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04/27/2017 07:30 PM EDT
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EPISODE277 - Into the OODA

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One of the finest most aware People in this creepy world. Thrive n Joy - Reviewer: JamesKin 04/20/17 02:57 AM EDT
Full Comment: It is no surprise to me that the trolls have made these comments as they never have proof of their allegations. They call people awful names and think that it some how makes them appear righteous when in fact they are brief of any intelligence and have no love for them selves or anyone else and show their ignorance in every word they have typed, obvious trolls trying to steer good people away from critical thinking. It is not working lol. As for Abel Danger that group has already turned the tide of public opinion against political correctness. These progressive liberal posts show the fear they have for people that are awake and can call them what they are, trolls for the pretend Government, and most likely paid to leave defaming demonizing comments with no edifying or redeeming value what so ever. This old lady is by far more of a real caring critical thinker then all of the negative commenters combined.

Another little coven of liberals - Reviewer: sixmillionkhazars 10/07/16 06:39 PM EDT
Full Comment: They think they're not because they believe every sperm is sacred (anti abortion) but in every other way they are typical lemming liberals. If you don't agree, the old b*tch will begin haranguing in that typical liberal way "so you believe that IQ is the only important thing about ppl?" "you can't say that all black ppl are like that" etc etc until you want to vomit. The old biddy, who has a HS education, likes to pretend she's a "teacher" (displaying her not so great IQ, since teachers are, for the most part, Borderline MR). She will recite the jew media liberal dogma line by line while believing herself to know it all. I scoped out this biddy at random, as I was conducting my own research on lemmings, as given by a positively brilliant fellow doctor here on talkshoe. I was skeptical that lemmings are intractable intellectually speaking, but after scoping out this old b*tch & several others like her, I now have to concede to Dr. Marina O.

Ginger "cookie" ain't so sweet - Reviewer: Suburban_Cunt 09/08/16 09:56 PM EDT
Full Comment: Paranoid, nasal-voiced, old woman with a bad attitude. She's half libtard, half cuntservative....the worst of each half. Here's a low average IQ freak who definitely shouldn't have been a breeder.

Typical not very bright liberal woman - Reviewer: DaveMcGary 03/07/16 06:01 PM EST
Full Comment: She's a flaming liberal when it comes to protecting those "people of color" from "white supremists" but is suddenly a true misogynist when it comes to white women. If this old hag has daughters, I feel sorry for them. She's the type who will suck cock until the day she dies.

Abel Danger is Pervert Stranger - Reviewer: DentistJohnButcher 10/25/15 07:08 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have tried in vain to find even one shred of proof for what the 2 old fanatics keep alleging. The woman who runs this show here is one of the old fag's ("Field" Oconnell) harem of ancient women who don't know any better. The more I looked & listened the more embarrassing it became. Oconnell is jealous of his successful sister, has been divorced many times & so hates women. The other old clown is just a droning moron with a Brit accent that makes "the harem" believe he's really smart. LOL. No wonder the country's in this state. We have over emotional retards flag waving to the fucked up military while pretending their conceited asses are Kristian, while stupid women cheer them on.

hello - Reviewer: amina03 10/12/15 04:33 PM EDT
Full Comment: hello dear my name is amina please i will like us to know each other but am not often here on contact me with my email i will introduce myself to you and also tell you the reason why i contacted you ( please i will be waiting to hear from you

Openminded towards differences and seeking understanding amongst us. - Reviewer: thriveinjoy 10/04/15 11:26 AM EDT
Full Comment: The problem is that those who drop in or only participate for a few minutes at a time just will not see the whole intention of anything.

Old lady pretending to be a school marm - Reviewer: Vikingmorn 10/01/15 09:39 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thinks she can regulate what other ppl think by scolding them. Got news for ya old broad, keep sucking joo dick & you'll be going down with the hook-nosed the crazy man "Field" McConnell & his band of Christards. You just can't get through to old ppl....they shitted up this world but want to tell US how to act.