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01/12/2013 07:45 AM EST
11/27/2012 01:45 PM EST
11/24/2012 07:45 PM EST
07/04/2012 02:45 PM EDT
07/01/2012 07:33 AM EDT


Surveillance Questions from police, government, and securities, civilians. - Reviewer: TARGETING FARAH 10/02/11 11:34 AM EDT
Full Comment: Greetings all listeners. See our website for more information on stalking victims of government contractors and see our guest book for perp information for purpose of further protection from virtual rapes from perps and for future cases. We list some of our perps. Most recent home perp virtual raper tag number ACBF97 on 10-2-2011 11am. Jacksonville, Fl. Seperate case to be filed soon for residential perps. Make sure you write down their tag number and address if you are a victim of virtual rape from residents based on envy, money, or racial discrimination from racist and predatory police and citizen groups. Thank you for listening to our calls on TalkShoe. Please feel free to ask or answer any questions and comment on this page or our additional pages.9262011 Received two stalking calls between yesterday and today since receiving my new phone. ctc phone carier call got disconnected. just received call from number 9043050791 text from persons stated- Hi how are you? texted stalker back with alert msg to not ctc me nervously called because number looked familiar and i heard a voice of a white man that I heard a year ago when the stalking escalated ive also seen his number before call from 9043050791 recvd today at 623 pm another stalker call recvd day before from 9044053698 around 10 something in the morning texted person advising not to ctc one has this number Please comment here on any links we may research concerning equipment for surveillance used via the police/govt, contractors, and anypersons which allows them to see inside walls. With the exception of cellphones. This is being done and we have witnesses. They don't pay our bills. Greetings all listeners. Thank you for listening to our calls on TalkShoe. Please feel free to ask or answer any questions and comment on this page or our additional pages.

Good luck keeping YOUR story on mark - Reviewer: 02/13/11 12:53 PM EST
Full Comment: I listened to your first two episodes, and I would classify what is happening to you as gang stalking. Good luck keeping at arms length, the gangs in this "community", who flood every call, with CRAZY sounding talk. A small army will gang up on anybody who challenges any piece of the the NON-STOP CRAZY TALK -- although they may fabricate other reasons for the attack. Early on, knowledgeable and rational sounding people, will attempt to con you out of personal information. Such as forcing their name, or other info onto you, even though you didn't want it, and then acting as though that entitles them to pressure your personal info from you. Or else this complete stranger calls you paranoid, and acts surprised if you don't provide it. This is a con job, by a perp, and there will be many more to come. Some perps are easy to spot right off, others are extremely skilled and patient -- they won't slip up or become obvious for months. I was shocked at the amount of time, skill, gang team size, and seamless organization that they expended into building my CON-fidence. You will continually hear advice, that you should spend your time on less effective activities, which don't get the gang stalking word out as well. But I believe in the open talk resources that are deployed here, with RECORDINGS THAT LAST FOREVER -- and not just be heard by the handful of people who were listening when it was said. You get more bang for the buck, and infinitely more coverage for the same amount of effort, when you RECORD. The resources that the dark side expends here, in order to derail and distort the gang stalking message, seems immense. On top of continually head screwing you, part of their psyop is intended to divert your attention away from getting the word out about gang stalking. Some perps will befriend you, and become your new best pal, partly to extract intelligence, which will later be used against you. The perp gang's job is also to keep you repeating yourself -- in order to wear you down. You can use that opportunity to improve your game, but be sure to RECORD the subject matter, before you grow tired of it, so that TI's can benefit, from the wisdom on your RECORDINGS, for years to come. Some people estimate that 40-90% of the TI's, perps and TI/perps -- who hang around this so-called "community", are "in on it". Many arrived here as a legitimate sounding TI, but they now snitch -- in other words they've sold out, and are perping for the dark side, and there's no turning back. They did it in order to lessen the targeting of their family, whom they mention in nearly every conversation. I feel for the children of TI/perps, but I care more about helping to wise up EVERYONE about gang stalking. Occasionally a TI, who has sounded rational all along, suddenly joins the dark side, and begins participating in their new obligation -- low level perp -- in talk show-ville that means CRAZY talker. Conversely, the high level perps specialize in character assassination, name collection, subtle threats, recruitment, disinformation, constant distortion, and manipulating bystanders, to engage them in the harassment of TI's. This is a tough landscape, and there's never an official announcement when a TI falls to the dark side -- one day they just begin spewing out the CRAZY talk, in every conversation. I think getting the word out about gang stalking, is our best chance -- and the best way to do that, is to RECORD RECORD RECORD -- the whole ugly true story -- and SAY onto each recording that it is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, so the content can be used freely, and not be buried because of unknowns with copyright legalize -- or by self anointed experts, who think gang stalking can somehow be presented positively, when it's sanitized. Remember their job -- to stop the word from getting out about gang stalking, but if word does get out, they want it to sound as CRAZY as possible. Non-stop CRAZY talk, is the continual objective of their psyop. Lastly, there are hoards of perps, TI/perps, and handlers who continually assassinate the character of TI's, and conspire to ruin any rational sounding gang stalking message. Just like on the street, gang stalking occurs in cyber space too. If your message has integrity, and if you are successfully disseminating it to a wide audience, then you are a threat to them -- and they will never stop discrediting you, just like they've been doing all along on the street. It's nothing personal, but they'll make it look like they mean it -- it's just their pathetic JOB to attack you, or to subtly threaten others, and manipulate them to do it for them. You are up against the full resources of the US Government, FBI/Mafia, with CIA quality intelligence. Whatever you want, the perps want the opposite. Every loss for you, is a victory for them, and vice versa. Good luck keeping YOUR story on mark, and disseminating it widely. I am placing this text in the public domain. Sincerely yours, Vancouver.