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Hosted by: EskimoSean
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
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Title: EPISODE6 - Load by Load Firsts over again

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
06/12/2011 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE6 - Load by Load Firsts over again
05/28/2011 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE5 - Load by Load - Back to work, sorta
05/23/2011 03:00 PM EDT
EPISODE4 - Load by Load - The new job
04/18/2011 10:00 PM EDT
EPISODE3 - Load by Load - The Ice Road Special
02/25/2011 01:00 PM EST
EPISODE2 - Load by Load
01/17/2011 06:30 PM EST
EPISODE1 - Load by Load


Ice Road Vlog - Reviewer: Todd...aka...Newfieguy 02/26/11 06:01 PM EST
Full Comment: Great vlog Sean..I would gather I was the one you wanted to interview..do believe you had mentioned something about that before hand. Should have done that when we were up at BHP I guess. Oh well...here's to hoping the rest of your season goes without any problems!!