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Title: EPISODE20 - Dr. Stuart Bramhall #4

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01/16/2011 08:30 PM EST
EPISODE1 - Bill Walker


Bob Thorpe - Reviewer: xxxxEdClanofChattanxxxxEdClanofChattan 02/20/11 09:50 AM EST
Full Comment: John, I listened to Bob Thorpe and gleaned some important quotes which will be a help to me. I am disturbed though about all the academicians who are involved around the issue of the article v convention. My advise to you is beware and be conscience of this fact. They are the ones who have always been active in the pursuit to change this country to something it was never intended to be.

Do this! - Reviewer: *Data* 01/14/11 08:04 PM EST
Full Comment: A lot can be accomplished with Constitutional authority, great work!