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Title: EPISODE 47 - Radio LIVE! Business or Hobby? You Decide!

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Past Episodes (45)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
11/19/2015 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE 48 - Radio LIVE!
09/17/2015 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 47 - Radio LIVE! Business or Hobby? You Decide!
08/20/2015 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 46 - Radio LIVE! Listing for the Holidays
07/23/2015 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 45 - Radio LIVE!
06/18/2015 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 44 - Radio LIVE! Advertising/Marketing/Branding
05/28/2015 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 43 - Radio LIVE! Beyond the Shark Tank
03/26/2015 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE42 - Radio LIVE! Rich Vernadeau joins us!
03/26/2015 03:51 PM EDT
EPISODE 41 - Radio LIVE! John Lawson
11/20/2014 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE 39 - Radio LIVE! CEO Chris Fain CTO Sky Stebnecki
09/18/2014 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 37 - Radio LIVE! Have You Been Dumbed Down?
05/22/2014 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 35 - Radio LIVE!
04/17/2014 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 34 - Radio LIVE! Chuck Hester is our Guest
03/13/2014 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 33 - Radio LIVE - Phil Leahy!
03/11/2014 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 32 - Radio LIVE John "ColderICE" Lawson
02/20/2014 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE 31 - Radio LIVE! KornKountryTreasures eBook


hello - Reviewer: amina03 10/14/15 04:20 AM EDT
Full Comment: hello dear my name is amina please i will like us to know each other but am not often here on contact me with my email i will introduce myself to you and also tell you the reason why i contacted you ( please i will be waiting to hear from you

Excellent Info! - Reviewer: CountryNaturals 06/18/15 09:31 PM EDT
Full Comment: I always get something helpful from these shows and it's great to be able to go back and listen to the archives. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, METZY! I'm looking forward to the next show.

Thank You Members - Reviewer: OnlineAuctionRadio 03/26/15 05:07 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thank You for your support and for your comments, but it's your Friendship and Love that really humbles me each time we "meet".

Super radio show! - Reviewer: kornkountrytreasures 11/21/14 11:42 AM EST
Full Comment: As usual, Metzy, you did a spectacular show! And thank you, Val and Chris!! You are awesome!! I am so glad that I found!! And I know that 2013 is going to be spectacular!! Merry Christmas, everyone!! And a Happy New Year!!

OnlineAuction hostess Metzy Mom - Reviewer: aesthetics 05/22/14 01:48 PM EDT
Full Comment: Very fun show and informative as well. A real pleasure listening. Always exciting when Chris Fain shows up too. A real asset to OLA.

Another great show - Reviewer: maggiemaybecrafty 08/17/13 03:53 AM EDT
Full Comment: Loved the show last night as usual. Sky was interesting to listen to and I enjoyed hearing from Chris also. Thanks to Metzy and the gang for an informative and fun show.

OLA Radio is the Best! - Reviewer: Dusty Corners 04/18/13 07:45 PM EDT
Full Comment: Each episode gets better and better! Host is fun and informative and keeps the chat room involved with the topic. Episode 20 also includes the site owners of on the show and gave its members a generous Christmas gift! Thank you Metzy and Thank you Chris & Val!

CONGRATS ALL FOUNDING MEMBERS! - Reviewer: DraggonTagger 02/08/13 01:32 PM EST
Full Comment: Metzymom is such an awesome host of this radio show and she always has some of the best topics ever! Thanks for everything and Merry Cristmas along with the Happiest of New Years! We're gonna dance TOGETHER one of these days! ((((HUGGIES)))

What an awesome show - Reviewer: chateycathey 12/20/12 10:53 PM EST
Full Comment: This was the best OLA radio show ever I think. What fun it was to have a full house and also it was great to hear from Chris and Val. Metzy did an awesome job and should be very proud. I am so looking forward to 2013 as I just know it will be a banner year for and all the sellers and buyers. GREAT JOB EVERYONE AND CONGRATS TO ALL WINNERS. Yes does let it's members know it appreciates them. Nowhere can you sell on line that this happens that I know of and I am now selling in my 13th year.

What a great company Online - Reviewer: VinnyThePicker 12/20/12 09:23 PM EST
Full Comment: I listen to this show every month and it just gives us so much onfo on buying and selling !!! I can't wait until the new year of shows.