DYRP-Miss the Mark Sermons
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Hosted by: ProphetessAdrienna Turner
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 91725
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Title: DYRP-Miss the Mark Sermons --FALLING AWAY CHURCH

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Past Episodes (180)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
03/10/2017 10:30 PM EST
DYRP-Miss the Mark Sermons --FALLING AWAY CHURCH
02/26/2017 07:30 PM EST
EPISODE185 - DYRP-Miss the Mark Sermons
02/17/2017 09:00 PM EST
DYRP-Miss the Mark Sermons
02/03/2017 09:00 PM EST
DYRP-Miss the Mark Sermons--LOVE
01/20/2017 07:45 PM EST
DYRP-Miss the Mark Sermons-Numbers 22
01/06/2017 07:45 PM EST
DYRP-Miss the Mark Sermons-Numbers 22
09/30/2016 10:19 PM EDT
EPISODE179 - DYRP-Miss the Mark Series
09/30/2016 09:16 PM EDT
EPISODE178 - DYRP-Miss the Mark Series
08/15/2016 07:49 PM EDT
EPISODE175 - DYRP-Miss the Mark Series
08/15/2016 07:00 PM EDT
MTMS1 - DYRP-Miss the Mark Series
09/11/2015 08:00 PM EDT
Repent, Delight & Get Right
08/14/2015 07:00 PM EDT
Ate of the FRUIT
08/07/2015 07:00 PM EDT
Passion 4 Christ: are u missing the mark?
07/31/2015 07:00 PM EDT
07/17/2015 07:00 PM EDT
Adam: Where R U?


Your last braodcast - Reviewer: EWOL MINISTRY 06/26/15 08:10 PM EDT
Full Comment: Enjoy the word and so called to see you are back on the air. I know that God is going to bless even the more as you press forward. Agape Apostle Paul R Greenleaf

Servanthood - Our Gifts - Reviewer: Brolance2012 11/13/11 04:59 PM EST
Full Comment: Enjoyed this broadcast, it was so edifying, hallelujah. I especially love how you spoke about networking with like believers who encourage the gifts in you. Heb 10:25 forget not to assemlbe yourselves not with doubters but with ppl who will believe, practicing christians. God still uses the gifts thanks for reminding us woman of God. Be blessed

Blessed - Reviewer: ProphetessAdrienna Turner 02/17/11 01:49 PM EST
Full Comment: I was so blessed on the first three shows to have people listen in, on Episode 1 was Lady Dee Dee and Prophetess Turner. Episode 2: Pastor Rhonda White joined us and gave a prayer, insight, and testimony that was so resourceful that on Episode 3 it worked right away for Lady Dee Dee. I loved Episode 3 for Lady Dee Dee of the readings of poetry on the prayer hour that touched my soul. Episode 5: previous recording with Author Vanessa Richardson (Pastor in calling) and Prophetess Turner (also hear a demo track when I was called DEO). A coupe of the episodes were revelations and prophecies from God. Episode 7 will be on the remnant! Another prophecy.