Jewish "Communist" Gang Stalking
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Hosted by: bullZi
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 91371
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Title: EPISODE70 - Jewish "Communist" Gang Stalking

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12/09/2010 03:01 AM EST
EPISODE3 - Masonic "Gang Stalking"/COINTELPRO II


Commits - Reviewer: jacobsteps 02/13/11 05:31 PM EST
Full Comment: Your latest recording of 2/12 was quite annoying because of the caller insisting,demanding your identity, yet his remains unknown. This reminds me of perps online being demanding as if they are above all else. Its as if they are brainwashed to think they have authority outside of there fucked up secret society... Because one goes into a secret society because they failed in public, and comes back to reality, They see real quick, dont work that way !!!!.. From the outside looking in, He was sent to harass You.. Let him record and have call ins.. yep, the same ones that never post a damn thing.just there to annoy what we post.SAME M.O. Hang up on his ass next time. !! I have listened once before and enjoyed.. keep up the good work